One-world Government & One-world Religion?

In a lecture given by Irvin Baxter, but wait until you finish this short blog before you click …  [for his excellent video]. Rev. Baxter spoke to both the One-World Government [which the UN is moving toward], and the One-World Religion, and in another video he spoke of “Interfaithism,” and I wanted to address this topic just a bit.

The reason there are so many religions on Earth is that “what” all religions are pointing to [but are unable to touch, see, or express in writing] is an invisible Energy that neither the brain nor the MIND of Man can perceive.

In the Bible, this Energy is spoken of in the abstract as the “Word,” or the “Holy Ghost,” and neither of these are able to convey what these terms refer to.  How come?  Because the Energy of God, which is the animating Energy Within all living things, is an invisible Energy.

So, there are many religions because different people possess different levels of Spiritual Evolution Within themselves, and to label what they Intuitively KNOW from Within themselves, they must use the words both they and others are familiar with.  This means that in each place where people speak different languages, there are different terms given to what the Enlightened among that group of people Intuitively awaken to.  This results in different people calling the Spiritual Energy Within themselves by different names, and different labels.

The Spiritual Energy Within every person is exactly the same Energy, however, different people Intuit differing amounts of the Spiritual Energy existing Within themselves.  And this means that [at best] each person only approximately “knows” what the others around that person “knows”.

This physical plane is composed of relative truths.  This is true, even though there is only one Absolute Truth.  So, each religion is about relative truths that people believe are true.  And the most influential among a people will cause the majority to “think” the way he or she does.  And this winds up being the tenets or dogma of that particular religion.

All religions are various pathways leading [ultimately] to the One Truth of God.  But here on Earth, there are precious few people who KNOW what Truth is?  There is one path that actually leads back to God, but that path is not considered to be a religion.  Those who follow that path speak of it as a science.

My point is, the only way different religions can come together is if each religion alters its most basic tenets and dogma “to conform to the tenets and dogma of the new religion the other religions are accepting as a new homogenized religion.  And this is precisely what the goal of  Interfaithism was, and is the goal of the new One World Religion, primarily  being overseen by and promoted by a Pope of the Catholic religion.


The problem is…. all of this is based on “compromise” and to compromise means that what one believed to be TRUE, was not. How do we know this? Because the TRUTH is one, not many.  If one KNOWS TRUTH, then one cannot compromise, otherwise one is denying the TRUTH, and this means one is denying God, since God is TRUTH.

Click HERE for Irvin Baxter’s Video


So, what Irvin Baxter is addressing in his video is the parallel of the One World Religion [with its False Prophet], and the One World Government, which will be headed by the Anti-christ for a period of 3.5 years.




One-world Government & One-world Religion?

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