For Curious Souls…

Stated as clearly as I can explain what Enlightenment means…
Let us begin by sharing a couple facts… neither of which is well known in the West, and in America.
Fact #1: The Law of Karma is a primordial Law of God that every living Soul [regardless what body that Soul resides Within] automatically adheres to, is part of, and by completing Karma grows and matures. And this means slowly accumulates the Virtues of Life which ultimately lead to Enlightenment.
Fact #2: Reincarnation, or the fact that all Souls are slowly climbing up the “Ladder of Life” is also true. Most likely everyone knows that all living things on Earth die. But what very few realize is what happens to every Soul Within every living thing when that thing [body] dies? So, let us begin with death, since everyone [well, except for those who are really in denial], can agree that death does exist.
The vast majority of the operations of Life, or the Reality of Life — take place at levels which are not physical, and thus not discernible by the brain, thinking, or ones physical senses… and this makes these operations invisible. If we can agree on this concept, then we are making great progress in discovering that which only some people are supposed to discover. And by “some people” I am merely explaining a factual situation unique with the Reality of Life, not suggesting I am one of “some people”. Although I humbly admit that I am higher on the Ladder of Life than a worm. But then, every human being is higher on the Ladder of Life than that of a worm.
But since we cannot physically observe the Ladder of Life, the reader must take my word for what has been stated thus far… or deny it, of course. If you deny death, or that there are differences in people, or that there is a Purpose for Life, then email me:, and we can discuss your denial of these aspects of Life.
Who would imagine that the Soul of a 1,000 year old tree… does not deserve to try out the other forms of life on Earth? Let us see the hands of those who would deny that Soul an opportunity to become a human being.. at least for a couple lifetimes?
What is that which we call “Life”? You know, that which, when it leaves a person’s body, causes that person to die? Well, I refer to that as the Soul, and Christ, in the Bible refers to it as Spirit. And the Spirit of God exists as part of every Soul in Creation. This is a fact, but since it cannot be proven to those too early in their process of enlightenment to Intuitively “experience” subtle bits of Truth… it is OK for readers to hold out for a “proof” that will ONLY come when ones Soul has ascended the Ladder of Life to the point where it begins to Intuit Truth. No rush, the mystics tell us the Creation is intended to be forever. And if true, this means that we Souls [if we remain good] will remain part of Creation as well.

So, given what I have shared with the reader, a couple things can be assumed. One is that there are Souls, and they were projected into the Creation by God, and that due to the Law of Karma, all Souls are treated with ABSOLUTE equality. The second thing is that due to Reincarnation, all Souls have as many lifetimes to work toward Perfection as they may take to do so?
Now, if any part of what I have shared seems in conflict with anyone’s religion, it isn’t in conflict, but I can appreciate how the interpretations of some religions might seem to be in conflict. You see, the Bible accounts of the “end times,” which we are currently experiencing, differs from the end times of the Eastern mystic, or the Mayan, only in the fact that each religion has its own “story” and that story only seems to be at variance with other stories. From a higher perspective on the Ladder of Life, all Souls will INDEED be judged at the time of Armageddon. Some will go into the Lake of Fire, some will be resurrected to spend a thousand years with Christ, and others will go to various Hells, or to various Heavens? God is ONE, not two or more. It is the Creation that is so vast, and so diverse, that it cannot be limited by the thinking of Man.
A Soul continues as long as it remains dedicated to God. When it wanders off course, there are numerous Hells whose existence is to re-educate the MIND that is attached to each Soul. For those Souls that defy God, or serve Satan, they will be expunged. That is, returned to the primordial Energy of the Creation… perhaps in a few millions of years, to try again by beginning at the bottom of the Ladder of Life, and working themselves up through the various lifeforms existing at the time?
Brother James

For Curious Souls…

A Sound from the Past



…….. By the way, new to this blog will be this symbol: √ , and by clicking this symbol [which follows a new or unfamiliar term or symbol], a page explaining the term or symbol will display.

Let us begin with this question? Do most people know what the phrase “Whole Human Being” means?
The surprising answer is “no”, most people do not know what the phrase “Whole Human Being” means. And the reason we don’t know this is equally surprising. The fact is, in America, our system of education is operated by many people I refer to as “Intelack”  type Individuals [research the term Intelack Here]. Because so few people are aware that they have been systematically mislead, in terms of their education, very few people realize they know so little about the “whole of Man, and thus little about themselves? The problem is, the explanation of the “whole” of Man involves dimensions of ourselves that are not normally discussed by science, by education, or by those who practice “modern mental health”, or “”BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”], because these normally ‘unknown’ dimensions of ourselves are invisible.

For instance, were you aware that your brain is not your MIND? If not, don’t feel bad, hardly anyone today knows this… I mean definitively. Even those trained in BS&bp use the terms “brain” and “mind” interchangeably… as though there was no difference between these two separate dimensions of Man. But then, this is understandable because the MIND is invisible to most people.  That is, the ability to recognize the operation of the MIND is generally confined to the Enlightened  individual.

I mean, there are multiple levels to what we singularly refer to as the MIND”. I use all capital letters to emphasize  what I refer to as MIND    is not what modern mental health means when they use the terms “mind” and “brain” interchangeably.

MIND is  to make sure people do not mistake my use of MIND for the physical brain…. which is most definitely not the MIND. An excellent [albeit mystical] explanation of the MIND is contained in the book: The Path of the Masters, by Julian Johnson, listed Here.

The reason so few people “know” who and what they are… is that three-fourths of the structure of Man are “Esoteric” [not capable of being perceived by ones brain or physical senses]… or put another way, elements of ones “whole” are not actually physical in their composition. And this is both normal and intentional. But you say… if this was true, surely we would have heard about this from mental health and “psychology”? Well, Yes, and No. It is difficult for a person confined to the brain and thinking [the typical intellectual],  to “imagine” that he/she is unable to perceive 3/4ths of the whole of him or herself using the brain… since science, education and Intelack type people insist there’s nothing of value that Man can’t know by use of the brain.  Part of the reason Intelack people say this is “ego,” and ego is how the MIND causes “certain” people  to think of themselves as elite or special… Needless to say, ones ego holds a distorted [often self-absorbed] view of oneself.

Quite literally, it is very difficult for the normal person to imagine that this physical body is like a video, and everything that actually operates that video is invisible to oneself: While what one believes to be the “controls” are merely parts of the body being played with by ones MIND. Three-fourths of oneself are incapable of being perceived by ones brain or physical senses…. causing one to believe that what one sees with ones eyes, and can think about with ones brain, is the only reality there is [subtle Delusional Thinking, or D-Think  ].
Oddly… the ancient Greeks knew this division of Man some 2,000 years ago… [at least some of the Greeks were Gnostic ] and this is the reason they used the prefix “psyche” [which means “Self, Soul, and Mind”] when they coined the term Psychology. It was known, at least by some, but those who “Knew” died. Their followers knew the abstract words [but like some of Christ’s disciples, the followers of the Gnostic Greek Psychologists (Psychology is actually a study of the Esoteric -invisible- dimensions of Man) had not awakened to the Esoteric Truth from within themselves]. To be able to EXPERIENCE what the abstract words stand for, one must be Enlightened! This has a parallel in religions as well. Saints use terms their disciples fail to appreciate are only “symbols” for what these words point to, or stand for? Losing the Reality of Spirituality over thousands of years, people now see the Bible itself as possessing that which ONLY Christ Knew for certain. The loss of Reality by generations of human beings takes place over thousands of years. Reality is replaced with the “illusion of life” [or an increase in Intellectualism], gradually, over generations, so that all fields of endeavor – although appearing to be improving, are actually only barely awakening to that which existed beyond the memory of our present history. And yes, this is confusing to us.
Man is improving in technology,  but Man is subtly in retrograde in terms of morality– having reached a zenith in the exercise of both about 20,000 years ago, which coincides  with  Atlantis.  Minor improvements in the sciences take place while in the area of social morality, Man is descending quite rapidly. We, as human beings, cannot begin to comprehend what was known by individuals who walked this Earth many thousands of years ago. And to try and comprehend how this could possibly be true, one must study Eastern mysticism, the Four Ages of Man, and the Mayan calendar…. all of which are in conflict with ones limited and “linear” thinking of the brain. The current popularity of thinking about extraterrestrial aliens… is modern Man looking at history and not  comprehending how ancient Man could have done what people today are discovering in the rubble of the world… without help from aliens?  Again, the linear nature of thinking ignores entire the cyclic nature of Reality.
It is perhaps a substantial personal achievement to simply comprehend that you are composed of four simultaneously existing vibrational dimensions, only one of which is physical. And that the Purpose of Life is more than what ones brain can comprehend. A search for ones Soul is not a wasted effort, but the only way to discover Reality.

Brother James

A Sound from the Past

How much Ego Does it Take to Override Conscience?

Or, put another way… how does one acquire Conscience?  Since it seems to be missing in so many people in America today?

The second question is… what is Ego?

Ego is a MIND that operates within a person with little or no resistance from that person’s Soul, which lacks Consciousness. And Consciousness is a Greek term that I believe to be synonymous with my symbol “C’etc,” pronounced C_etcetera, and C’etc stands for the Virtues of Life: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding… and C’etc is slowly acquired by a person engaging in and eventually completing Karma over many, many lifetimes.  The implications of this are perhaps obvious?

And the preceding paragraph holds so many unknown concepts that I would be really surprised if many readers understood what I was talking about? So how do we communicate about that which leads to Enlightenment… if the methods, elements and processes by which Enlightenment is achieved are never discussed?  Sensible question is it not?

Well, this is a start toward our opening a dialogue  about the concept of Enlightenment:  A natural condition of anyone who has done certain things which add up to the subject of this blog: Enlightenment.


Brother James

How much Ego Does it Take to Override Conscience?

Time Seems Long… But is it?

Each day I am aware of my MIND subtly causing me to imagine that there is all the time in the world… despite what is portrayed on the social media, and on the news channels on television, all of which indicate — to anyone who is conscious at all– that the battle between good and evil is being won by evil.

Have you considered the reason the MIND does this?  Or why it persists in attempting to convince us that we have lots of time… to play, act foolish, and to believe that somehow everything will be OK.  That there is no rush, urgency, or great need to attend to a Reality that is not at all evident before us?

Only the great mystics seem to be in constant remembrance of the difference between the illusion of life [or what we ‘think’ as real], and the Reality of life who’s invisible motions are pushing the hands of the clock faster and faster.

How much of your day is spent in deep remembrance of God?  Or put another way… will 10% of your waking day really be enough to outweigh the thoughts, words, and deeds projected in anger, impatience, and frustration?  Just asking, since the balance scale is yet another thing we are not allowed to see.


Brother James

Time Seems Long… But is it?