Time Seems Long… But is it?

Each day I am aware of my MIND subtly causing me to imagine that there is all the time in the world… despite what is portrayed on the social media, and on the news channels on television, all of which indicate — to anyone who is conscious at all– that the battle between good and evil is being won by evil.

Have you considered the reason the MIND does this?  Or why it persists in attempting to convince us that we have lots of time… to play, act foolish, and to believe that somehow everything will be OK.  That there is no rush, urgency, or great need to attend to a Reality that is not at all evident before us?

Only the great mystics seem to be in constant remembrance of the difference between the illusion of life [or what we ‘think’ as real], and the Reality of life who’s invisible motions are pushing the hands of the clock faster and faster.

How much of your day is spent in deep remembrance of God?  Or put another way… will 10% of your waking day really be enough to outweigh the thoughts, words, and deeds projected in anger, impatience, and frustration?  Just asking, since the balance scale is yet another thing we are not allowed to see.


Brother James

Time Seems Long… But is it?

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