As many readers are aware…philosophers have sought to find what the term Consciousness “stands for” or “points to” for centuries. Let us explain the reason they have been unable to discover this elusive element of Life.

We begin with a not surprising fact: Consciousness is not  a thing… it consists of various levels of Truth, and these are accessed by ones Soul, using its faculty of “Intuition,”  in proportion to how much Karma ones MIND has experienced [in concert with ones Soul and physical body], and a  mystical phenomenon I have labeled ‘Esotransformation,’ which converts that phenomena into bits of Truth;  which are then stored within what I have labeled the Apapsyche, or Operational Energy of ones Soul.  And these stored bits of Truth [which ONLY reside in the Apapsyche], constitute what is commonly referred to as  “Consciousness”.

As a point of clarification  [or perhaps confusing the issue even more] the Spiritual dimension of Man is the only part of Man that is Real, or composed of Absolute Energy, which is permanent.  The Soul, in other words, is an aspect of God, and the Purpose of Life is to achieve a Perfect Knowledge of what the Energy of Spirituality can be, do and become?  To insure this is accomplished in complete fairness, God designed the Law of Karma, and this law applies equally to every living thing.

So… for a person to become aware of some “bit of Truth,”  it is not that person’s brain that will discover the Truth, it is his or her faculty of Intuition, and Intuition is a part of ones Spiritual dimension [which is not discernible by ones brain].  And this “awakening” to the Truth from Within oneself… is what we refer to as Consciousness.  if this is not readily comprehendible, the reason is that this is not taught by modern education, nor is it included in the instruction of most religions today.

And, believe it or not… parts of what I have just shared were known by mystics throughout the ages, and known by current mystics even today. The best resource for what I have shared [for those with a very keen interest in the structure and operations of Man] is the book:  The Path of the Masters, by Julian Johnson, available at most libraries.

Peace, Brother James


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