What is Real [Permanent], and what is not?

If we judge what is Real as that which is permanent [which means it does not change, and it is part of the primordial Energy of existence]… our list of what is not real is quite long, is it not?

Just out of curiosity, what do you know that is Real [permanent and cannot change]?

I know of only three things.  One is Truth, and the second is the Soul, which is an aspect of God,  and the third is God.  This means then that everything else in the Creation is “created” and is neither Real nor Permanent.  I mean… just think about that!  Everything you can see is part of the illusion of life.

How foolish is it then to get so worked up about those things in life that are not Real… even though they seem so important to us.  This is what the Bible refers to as Mammon, or the things of this world.  You know… those things our MINDs cause us to think we cannot live without ?

Finally, how sad is it for old people in retirement homes, or places people are put to wait until they die… to spend their last days worrying about death, because they don’t know what happens at the time of death?  Or equally frightening to many… whether one will go to Hell, or to Heaven?

I believe I will write a blog just “for older people awaiting death”.  And see if my doing so might not help lift the worry off their shoulders?

Peace, Brother James

What is Real [Permanent], and what is not?

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