For Older People and About Death…

Since I am now 80 years of age, I believe I qualify for the title “older person,” and I mention this to suggest that I do have some awareness of what it is like to be moving toward the end of this lifetime.  And the questions that arise with the end of life moving toward oneself.

I differ from the average person,  no doubt,  in that I have made a study of several religions, and mystical teachings surrounding what happens when one dies? And I have particularly made a study of Eastern mysticism, which differs from the teachings of Christianity in some important ways.  And contrary to what many in Christianity have been taught, the teaching of Eastern mysticism parallels that of Christianity rather than being in conflict with it.

And more to the point of this blog, let us not worry quite so much about what various religions teach about living… but let us instead concentrate on what happens with all people  [regardless of religion, or lack of religion] at the time of death?  The subject of this writing is about what happens after death?

Now, the reader can take my word for what I’m about to share [or not], but my authority is quite good, and I am personally convinced that what I am sharing with you is 100% true.  So, if you have not committed murder, been a thief for your occupation, or a drug dealer, or otherwise used evil methods to earn a living… chances are we are talking [at worse] a period of time in some Hell for re-education.  And at best, a period of time in some Heaven for rest and relaxation.

You see, Life has a Purpose, and that Purpose is to engage in Karma; and the term Karma simply means “action”.  That is, every action one takes in life creates Karma, and that Karma is stored Within ones MIND.  And, just in case you have forgotten, or perhaps did not know this…  a personal MIND was attached to every Soul when all Souls were projected into the Creation, when the Creation was ready to receive we Souls. And it is the role of ones MIND to keep a record of every thought one has, and every action one takes.  And the reason for the MIND keeping this record is that for every action one takes, that exact same action will have to be taken against oneself, and if not in this lifetime, then in some subsequent lifetime.  And my speaking of “subsequent lifetime,”  will be in conflict with those raised as a Christian, who are taught that they only have one lifetime in which to achieve Perfection, or to thoroughly explore Life.  So, let me take this opportunity to speak just to Christians.

It is unfortunate that in the 5th to the 15th centuries, a great many Popes made various alternations to what eventually became the Bible.  I’m sure they made these changes to suit their purposes… however, the MIND of Man can cause Man to “think” anything the MIND wants one to think… and such thoughts are not always true.  And since only people such as Christ can KNOW what is true, and what is false… that is, challenge ones own  MIND… how do we, today, know exactly what these Popes altered, or the reason for such alternation?  The fact is, we can only do the best we can as individuals… since we were not there at the time?  And let us use the knowledge that God is Love in our thinking about what happens at the time of death.

So, we must rely on our “conscience” and sense of “discretion” to judge for ourselves regarding right and wrong?  And we must rely on our common sense regarding what the Bible says… looking at the matter of morality as our guide. As far as we can relate the Bible to our lives today, what is good as opposed to evil is unchanged. That is, if we seek to not harm others, this is the moral thing to do, since we are all struggling Souls.  In addition to this, we can attend a church, and we must then rely on the preacher, minister, or cleric to be  honest, God-fearing, and Enlightened… and whose interpretation of the Bible is correct?

If you are drawing a conclusion that it is difficult for any of us to “KNOW” what is right exactly,  and what is wrong exactly… you are in good company.  So, what is the answer?  I believe that each of us must rely on our “heart,” and on an honest evaluation of our own lifetime?  But, allow me to offer a third path that is rarely discussed.

Regardless how many mean, thoughtless, cruel things you believe you have done, answer me this question?  How many of those things were you “required to do, in order to pay off the Karma another person needed to experience”?  I bet you never thought about this before, right?  What is my point?  My point is this:  We were told by Christ not to judge.  Do you know the reason for this?  The reason is that we are not in charge of Life, God, through the Law of Karma is in charge.  Our job is to continually ask for forgiveness for all the wrongs we have done; and to be as humble as we can be in acknowledging a real sorrow for the harshness we have, at times demonstrated.

If you are a Christian, and you pray daily, and you Love God, and as well as you can you resist evil, then you are not destined for the Lake of Fire.  Read your own Bible.  Only those who deny God and serve Satan will  join Satan, the Antichrist, and the False Prophet in the Lake of Fire.  Your love of God will save you and you will be resurrected in the last days.  And if your love of Christ has been steadfast, you will likely be with Christ for a thousand years.  If your faith has been lukewarm, then you may not be with Christ for a thousand years, but you will be resurrected to the Astral region, and the most prominent evils of your life will be addressed in one or more Hells, which exist for re-education.  When your MIND has been re-educated, then your Soul will be able to reincarnate to continue its climb up the Ladder of Life.  This is the basic reality for every Soul.

If you have denied Christ, or engaged in substantial evil, then your MIND may be sent back to the Universal MIND, and your Soul back to the primordial Energy of Life, to eventually try again as a new Soul.

So, if you take the time you have left, and begin reading your Bible, and doing your best to open yourself to your heart… and try listening to the wee small voice inside of yourself, well then, it is most unlikely that God will not hear you.  So, if  I were you, that is what I would do.

Peace, Brother James

P.S. … if you might want to contact me, put Peace in the subject box, and email me:, and I will respond.

For Older People and About Death…

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