Interesting bit about the MIND from new book…

Behavioral “psychology” is an oxymoron because in the definition and practice of Psychology, there is no mention of behavior as anything other than a symptom that something is wrong in a person’s MIND. Behavior is meaningless, in other words. But to an Intelack who was trained to look at animals and then speculate as to what in their environment might be causing them to act in the way they are acting, this dissociative practice fit perfectly with the intense fear of Skinner, and others who, like himself, were Left-Hemisphere dominated scientists who were given to Intellectualism.
Why the Psychologists at the time did not “see” through this Defense Mechanism of Skinner, and others, is beyond me. But let us deal with what exists now, since it does exist.
Your MIND [ and everyone’s MIND] begins, even as a baby, teaching itself how to use repression, diversion, and projection as a means of preventing itself from being overwhelmed with the fear its MIND has repressed Within itself. This denial, repression, projection process is habituated until it becomes quite natural appearing. And since virtually everyone is engaged in the same denial process, who is left to question what everyone is doing? So, even the MIND of Man tends to serve the evil of the Earth by causing us to fear the Truth which is hidden Within ourselves.


Brother James

Interesting bit about the MIND from new book…

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