A Bit About the ‘End Times’ from new book…

So, to think, or imagine, that one can “think” ones way to understanding the three-quarters of the whole of Life that ones brain CANNOT PERCEIVE… is at best, Delusional Thinking. The modern philosopher is caught on the horns of a dilemma created by an over abundance of Intelack type people on Earth… insinuated into almost every field of endeavor. This has gradually occurred over a number of decades coincidental with the closing years of the Iron Age of Man.

The mystics tell us that there are four great ages of Man. They continuously cycle as part of the natural condition of Creation. The first is the Golden Age, then the Silver Age, then the Copper Age, and finally there is the Iron Age of Man. The Golden Age is distinguished by there being an abundance of Spirituality on Earth, and mankind is absent the prevalence of evil. I have been unable to find a definitive statement of the length of each Age, so I am unable to share that. But regardless of the precise number of years of each Age, they always follow one another in the pattern of Golden Age, Silver Age, Copper Age and finally the Iron Age.

We are presently in the closing years of the Iron Age, and the Iron Age is the darkest, most vile age of the four, and in the Iron Age, evil dominates the lives of all Souls on the Earth. It is during the Iron Age that we Souls are most severely tested relative to the war between good [our Souls] and evil [our MINDs]. In this present Iron Age, the Bible, in Revelation, lays out for us the most horrendous story of the falling away of Souls from God.  As though we are now in the most severe testing of our Souls that has ever taken place on Earth.  And we are not as yet into what the Bible speaks of as the “Great Tribulation,” which does not begin until the “Abomination of Dissolution”.

And we are warned that there will arise out of the Papacy in Rome a Pope that is referred to in the Bible as the False Prophet. And part of the job of the False Prophet is to lay the foundation for the Antichrist, who, the Bible says, will seek to Control every person on Earth by imposing his one-world demands that all of mankind worship him as that person all religions have been waiting for. This is, of course, Satan using the Antichrist to  make Satan’s  move to take-over the population of the Earth.

When the Antichrist stands in the new Temple of the Jews [which is just about to be built] and announces that he is the spiritual leader of the world, the Bible refers to this as the “Abomination of Dissolution,” and all Jews are warned to flee to safety… as this begins the Great Tribulation, which will last three and one half years, and it will end with the war of Armageddon, the final judgement of Man, and the thousand year reign of Christ.

Of course everyone is free to discount the Bible, Revelation, or those events currently taking place that are spoken of in the Bible… but why do so?  Surely the wise person takes every advantage to defend self and family that is available?

Peace, Brother James

A Bit About the ‘End Times’ from new book…

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