An interesting bit regarding the MIND of the intelack….

Now… both the Intelack type and the Enlightened type individuals have the same exact MINDs, but the Soul of the Intelack is not mature, and thus, lacking a sufficient level of C’etc [Consciousness], it cannot push back against the MIND that is attached to his/her Soul.
This means in the Intelack type personality, the MIND can more easily direct the thoughts of the Intelack, and thus, “cause” the Intelack to engage in all kinds of activities that range from just negative, to that of quite evil [lying, cheating, stealing, slander, and activities that require a very deviously clever person]: Such as so-called ‘white-collar crimes,’ espionage, treason, corruption, fraud, and endless forms of harmful manipulation of people to serve the ends of the Intelack, which are Greed, Envy, and an insatiable psychological need to Control everyone and everything the Intelack can gain control over.
You see, without a highly developed level of Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, and Empathetic Understanding, or some of the Virtues of Life [which are active parts of the Soul of the Enlightened individual], the MIND of the Intelack personality is vulnerable to the evil desires which are simply part of the normal MIND.
So, contrary to what most people believe… the person who acts out negatively is not doing so due to a deranged MIND, but rather, due to a lack of Consciousness of his or her Soul, which is not strong enough to push back against and resist the naturally negative desires of the MIND.


Brother James

An interesting bit regarding the MIND of the intelack….

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