Some more interesting bits from new book…

So, contrary to what most people believe… the person who acts out negatively is not doing so due to a deranged MIND, but rather, due to a lack of Consciousness [level of Enlightenment] of his or her Soul, which results in an inability to push back against and resist the naturally negative desires of the MIND.
On the Earth plane, everything is “relative,” and so, this plane gives the impression that the illusion of life is relative… which it is. However, Life [with a capital ”L”] is not relative, it is one-pointed and absolute. But the absolute nature of the Reality of Life consists of a vibration of Truth, and no Truth [which is absolute] can manifest itself on any plane other than the Spiritual dimension. So, on the physical plane the closest one can come to Reality is to tap into some relative reality that the physical brain “thinks” is the only reality there is.
So, the ‘information’ contained by your brain is either limited to phenomena of the physical plane, or to ‘abstract words, terms, or symbols that are created by Man to ‘point to’ and ‘stand for’ phenomena Man believes to exist, but whose existence Man cannot prove by physical means.
In other words, the relative truth of the Earth plane is all you can “know” via your brain and physical senses. And this situation properly describes the condition of Intellectualism and the Intelack personality.
It matters not a wit how high your IQ is, if you are confined to your brain and its thinking, you are not necessarily prepared to “experience” Truth.
Does the reader follow me in this? I am saying that it is not possible to convey or perceive Truth via any physical organ possessed by Man. The brain and physical senses simply CANNOT perceive the vibrational Energy of Truth. So, one can read every book ever printed, and can watch every TV show ever produced, or receive a dozen Ph.D. degrees, and that person will NOT ACQUIRE ANY TRUTH simply by those endeavors.
Truth must be “caught” because it cannot be “taught”. Although it can be conveyed via Empathetic communication which I refer to as “Intuition,” IF A PERSON’S SOUL IS READY TO AWAKEN TO A PARTICULAR BIT OF TRUTH.
So, the entire line of reasoning given to us by the field of education is based on a faulty premise. No one can “educate” himself to Truth. And the proof of this can be found in the small villages of India, where fully uneducated people KNOW Truth, and live their lives based on Truth, and yet the only language they possess is what they picked up by simply living among other people.
The acquisition of Truth depends entirely on whether or not ones Soul [with MIND attached] is “READY” to awaken to a bit of Truth from Within oneself [from Within ones Apapsyche via ones faculty of Intuition]. And the term ‘Apapsyche’ is my term for the Operational Energy of ones Soul.
And no, none of this is taught in education today, but it has been part of the Knowledge of mysticism for countless ages.


Brother James

Some more interesting bits from new book…

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