Some Points Regarding Politicians…

From a section of my new book…

In politics, the Intelack has a decided advantage over anyone who is Enlightened… unless the Enlightened individual has been trained to both recognize the Intelack type person, and how to combat the Intelack. And the only way to deal with or combat the Intelack is to point out the lies, dishonesty, and corruption of the Intelack publicly, loudly, and relentlessly. However, the idea of making trouble for others is not the natural inclination of the enlightened individual. So, it’s the “being nice,” and forgiving nature of the Enlightened individual [which is quite positive] that allows the Intelack to take advantage of the Enlightened individual, and this is what causes the Intelack Democrat to EXPECT the Enlightened politician to COMPROMISE his or her principles in order to get along.

This compromising ones principles begins with a little bit here, and a little bit there, until finally the Enlightened politician becomes just as corrupt as the Intelack. And in the sight of higher authority, any kind of compromise with Truth is evil. And this is the reason Enlightened people in America are routinely disappointed with the ‘Republican’ politicians they elect to Congress. The absolute either-or nature of evil is just not taught in religion any more. People [and such people are usually Intelack people], say that the ‘fire and brimstone’ type preacher is just “old-fashioned” and out of touch with the “modern needs” of the public.

So, the constant and incessant push for evil by the Intelack wears down the desire of the good person to remain true to the demands of God, and the good person is surrounded by Intelack people who get ahead by lying, cheating, stealing, and backbiting, and once the good person “compromises” with evil, the good person quickly finds it easier to get along in life by not saying anything about the evil they see.
In recent decades, the mental illness of sexual deviancy has spread like a plague, principally due to the effectiveness of the term ‘homophobia,’ and how reluctant people are to be labeled as suffering from homophobia. And this clever use of accusation has been so effective that social workers [many of whom are Intelack individuals naturally vulnerable to the negativity of other Intelack people] have begun placing normal children in the care of homosexuals, where the children are quickly infected with the delusional disease of homosexuality. The idea of placing a child in the hands of a homosexual to use and abuse is hideous to me, but then I can still differentiate between what is good and what is evil. The fog of evil has pulled many good people into itself, as people seek to avoid being called homophobic.

In the End Times, as spoken of in the Bible, we are told that life will become very difficult because Satan is cast out of Heaven, and takes up residence on the Earth. This means that the Spirit of evil, a subtle vibrational energy that pervades the MINDs of Intelack people will be increased… and, this seems to me to be a fact that is now obvious.
____________One could argue that the deck is stacked against goodness on Earth, but so what? This Earth is a place of struggle. Have we not been told this in the Bible? Have we not been told that Satan or the devil is deviously clever? I mean, we have been warned, and if we choose to ignore or imagine these warnings are not valid, whose fault is that?


Brother James

Some Points Regarding Politicians…

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