A new bit from new book… regarding “free will”…

The idea that the Intelack class individual must be “controlled” by his or her MIND simply makes sense, if we add one additional element to the mix. If we Souls are slowly acquiring C’etc by completing Karma, this in itself takes many lifetimes, and if there were NO limitations on what a person could do… imagine the damage one person could do in the world.
Many despots in history give us ready examples of how damaging such people can be, but fortunately, they are somewhat limited in their realm of influence. A primary role of the MIND is to insure that each Soul remain strictly within the parameters of the Fate Karma that Soul designed for itself while being monitored by the ‘judge’ each Soul goes before to both evaluate its last lifetime, and to design its next lifetime.
Some people are fond of thinking that they have “free will”. But even a little bit of thought will convince a person that at best one has a conditional “will” and not a “free” will to do whatever one wishes. No matter how much the child born in the wilds of some village might want to become a banker in some major country, if education is not available to that child, such a dream is impossible to achieve.
America was unique in that regard, but the Intelack class people, since 1917, have been working night and day to eliminate the Liberty that enabled such a child’s dream to come true in America. Today, 2015, the Intelack class of people have almost eliminated that opportunity in America. And whether or not the dream of America is done… will depend upon what good people can do in the next year?


Brother James

A new bit from new book… regarding “free will”…

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