Additional Insight to Common Core…

This means that those individuals that we see in our environment who are very well spoken, bright, clever, and able to easily memorize information about most everything of this physical plane [that has nothing to do with emotionality], are very often Intelack type personalities, and they have no idea they are Intelack type people; instead, they “think” they are superior human beings, and often “think” of themselves as special and even elite among mankind.
What causes this type of person to “think” so highly of him/herself is a certain “denial of Reality” and at the same time this person is “caused to think’ that he or she is special due to his/her Intellectualism. And of course this person also ‘thinks’ that a lack of emotionality is a symbol of great strength. This mistaken view of emotionality is natural to the Intelack type person. And, it is the MIND of such people that convinces them [with Delusional Thinking fed to the Left-Hemisphere of their brains], that ‘thinking’ is the highest achievement of Man. So, unknown to Intelack type people, they are subtly convinced that those people who have access to Intuition [and thereby believe in God, and speak of various Truths that cannot be known by the brain] are just nuts, delusional, mistaken, or people who need to be CONTROLLED.
You see, a basic psychological NEED of the Intelack type person is a need to Control everyone and everything in life. The reason for this is that the MIND of the Intelack is constantly seeking to prevent the Intelack from being exposed to that which the MIND of the Intelack holds deeply repressed Within itself.
And once again, the primary driving force behind Common Core is this psychological NEED of the Intelack type people to CONTROL everything in life so as to try and prevent Enlightened people from awakening the faculty of Intuition Within themselves. In other words, if the Intelack can Control the thoughts and behaviors of children, they can interrupt the natural growth of Enlightened children.

Is this sick…?  Of course it is, but not to the Intelack.  To the Intelack it is perfectly normal to desire to prevent Creativity, spontaneity, and Enlightenment in children. It is the Intelack type person who pushes Common Core.  We might say that another name for Common Core would be the “Enslavement of Enlightened Children”.


Brother James

Additional Insight to Common Core…

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