Wilkow taught me something important about Jewish thought I had not noted before.

Yesterday, Tuesday, July 14, 2015, Andrew Wilkow tweeted me this:

@Docjp need some cheese with that whine?

And his remarks were based on my tweet to him:

@Andrew Wilkow  To joke about a deadly serious action, repulsive act by a sick O is not funny. In any way at all. Peace

Mr. Wilkow, as many people do, was engaged in [mocking] the deal with Iran by O and his administration.  And it took me a bit [until 12:22 AM] to put together a habit of Jewish thought/behavior, and the way many people view the extraordinary work of Sigmund Freud, who was born into Judaism  by birth.

In the Yew York Magazine we get this:

A good deal of the antireligious polemic that has recently been abroad in our culture proceeds in the spirit of Freud’s earlier work. In his defense of atheism, “God Is Not Great,” Christopher Hitchens cites Freud as an ally who, he believes, exposed the weak-minded childishness of religion. Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins come out of the same Enlightenment spirit of hostile skepticism to faith that infuses “The Future of an Illusion.” All three contemporary writers want to get rid of religion immediately and with no remainder.

The above paragraph, and those named therein [I presume] feel about as described? It is of no great import one way or another, but only important as demonstrating an aspect of what Andrew Wilkow said and tweeted. Only in the last part of his life did Freud begin to “see” beyond his physical eyes, to begin to open to the natural Intuition he possessed for much of his life… but mistaking this Intuition as simply a bit of intelligence… he did his best to twist his Intuition into a convoluted kind of Intellectualism = Thinking with the brain, while morphing one’s Knowledge [ONLY available via ones faculty of Intuition] into a garbled Intellectualism… which is one’s MIND, stripping bits of Intuition from ones thoughts, which leaves thinking devoid of the Truth, leaving only intellect [devoid of reason] as words representing thinking of the Left-Hemisphere alone. Such thinking is often habit pattern comments that resemble clever quips indicating a “safe” joking about serious things.

And what I am describing [the Esoteric message] will only be recognizable by people who naturally make use of their Intuition [without the habitual forcing of Intuition into patterns of thinking trying to convert Intuition into brain-level thinking] due to a fear of not being able to CONTROL [intellectually maintain the illusion of being in CONTROL of ones thinking].  Or… put another way, some people have a natural access to the faculty of Intuition due to a level of Enlightenment their Souls have acquired over lifetimes.  But, in this lifetime [for a number of various reasons] they are confined to the brain and thinking, and instead of allowing their Intuition to manifest to themselves whole, or without interference by the brain and thinking,  they Intuit a bit of Truth, and then quickly shift their Attention into their brains to “think” about what they have Intuited.

The problem with this tortured process of denying Intuition [as Intuition] and instead… twisting ones Intuition [which is composed of bits of Truth] into what one thinks [which, for such people] consists of what ones MIND allows one to think… is that neither the brain nor ones MIND can perceive the levels of Energy [Truth] that ones faculty of Intuition can “experience” directly from ones Spiritual dimension.

Perhaps the greatest contribution of Freud was his process of Psychoanalysis, which was perfected under his student Fritz Perls, with Perls’ introduction of Gestalt Psychotherapy.  And Gestalt [when practiced properly] is a fascinating process by which the natural denial [or blockage] of the MIND resisting ones Intuitional access to the deeply repressed misperceptions held Within ones MIND, can be encouraged by a competent and properly trained Psychotherapist.  Alas, and again, the Esoteric, or invisible operations of Gestalt cannot be “learned” by those people who confined to Intellectualism — due to a Soul that is not adequately Enlightened.

So, for the Jew who is a Jew due to tradition, Intuition is subtly resisted, and accepted only… [if it “fits” what that person “thinks”]?   This is in strong opposition to the  Jew whose Enlightenment has wedded his Intuition to his Knowledge of Truth via his recognition of, and embracing of, his own Spirituality.

Alas… the Enlightened individual often has no idea he or she is Enlightened, and is just confused that other people just do not seem to comprehend what he/she talks about, believes, or attempts to share.

This division of people is spoken of  in the Bible:

Matthew 13:10-11 ESV   Then the disciples came and said to him, “Why do you speak to them in parables?” And he answered them, “To you it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given.

That is, the Truth, which is Absolute, ONLY exists Within ones Spiritual dimension [a body of Energy which, in the Bible, is referred to as “SPIRIT”], and this Energy of Spirit can ONLY be experienced by use of ones faculty of Intuition, which is an aspect of ones Spirituality, and ONLY those whose Souls have become Enlightened to some level can “see” and “hear” bits of Truth.

Now, none of the above is part of the practice of Intellectualism, which is use of the brain, which is fed Delusional Thinking from ones MIND.  It is quite natural for most people to possess some level of intellectual ability.  But in families that seek to encourage children to pursue the brain and thinking, this sometimes has a deleterious effect… when the parents are driven by Intellectualism and not Knowledge of Truth, via a faculty of Intuition.  And this is exacerbated in Education, especially pubic Education when ones child is taught by an Intelack type person, whose MIND is very active, and whose Soul is immature, or lacking in Consciousness.  And this is especially the case with Common Core, which the Government has been persuaded to impose on children by people in positions of power who are driven by Intellectualism [and unknown to themselves, they intensely fear the Spirituality Within themselves].  In other words, rote memorization of scripture without an open emotional love of God, is feeding the MIND rather than seeking the love of God via surrender, humility, and Empathetic Understanding.

For a person to perceive  my pointing out the insane, and dangerous actions of Obama in serving the evil of Iran, in clear violation of the command of God, that all men need to help Israel, and not enable Iran in the destruction of Israel… as “whining”… is to miss a very important reality, in my opinion.

In being very clear regarding the End Times, and Revelation in the Bible, I do not whine about that which must be corrected, I point it out, speak to the evil of O and his actions [which are detrimental  to America], and attempt to encourage all Americans to resist the evil of O by first of all recognizing it, and secondly, by hounding  Congress demanding they Impeach Obama before it is too late for America.

But, if this appears as whining, so be it.


Brother James

Wilkow taught me something important about Jewish thought I had not noted before.

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