A bit more insight into what’s happening…

…What I am saying here is generally unknown in the world today… primarily because too few people who are Enlightened  realize they are Enlightened. And these Enlightened people do not realize they have Intelack type people all around themselves who are likewise unaware of this difference between people on Earth.
In other words, the only people capable of “seeing” and “experiencing” the three-quarters of the Whole of Life that are invisible to the brain and physical senses, are Enlightened people. And because many, if not most of the fields of study today, are operated by Intelack type individuals [who have no idea  there are Enlightened individuals], the Enlightened type individual is viewed today NOT as Enlightened, but as crazy, stupid, not cool, not hip, or just a threat to mankind?
It is not easy to explain this strange phenomenon because in this Iron Age of Man… it is almost like the wattage in all the light of the world has been diminished by 50%, and what people see is a darkness that is growing darker and darker with every passing day. If you are excited by the latest instant success in some field of entertainment… and not appalled by the evil invading the world, killing, beheading, and destroying people on an hourly basis… you are an Intelack, and you are part of the PROBLEM in the world today. But you can’t see this, and there is no one who can help you “see” this.
And all of this evil can be traced back to the failure of Philosophy, Psychology, and even Religion in not providing Man with what Man needs to “know” in order to adequately fight against evil.  It is the invisible aspect of Truth that is missing in our culture today, which is hesitatingly provided by timid people whose Enlightenment has been so maligned and mocked by Intelack type people, that Enlightened people are busy trying to make sense of a senseless crumbling of a morality under siege by evil.   If only the Enlightened could acknowledge that some people are inherently evil in this lifetime… then they might better protect themselves.  But this is where Religion and Psychology has really failed mankind.


Brother James

A bit more insight into what’s happening…

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