Allow me to pose a question to every American, the answer of which is, I believe, of great [perhaps even crucial] importance to each and everyone of us.

Here are the facts as I perceive them:

  •   President Obama has had many months to devise a strategy to deal with ISIS.  He refuses to deal with ISIS. Why is this, we should ask?  Does Obama have a repressed and non-conscious fear of making decisions that interferes in his role as President, and specifically as Commander in Chief?
  • President Obama’s Marxist Muslim father was killed in Africa attempting to engage in a Communist revolution. His father hated Americans and said we were “colonialists”.
  • President Obama has placed Muslim Brotherhood officials in our government, some even in the CIA, where they re-directed what the CIA did relative to terrorist activity in the world.
  • Obama’s top aide is Valerie Jarrett, who is a Muslim and dislikes America.

————- As Commander in Chief

  1. Over the last year or so, Obama has fired over 400 top field commanders for disagreeing with him regarding the military.
  2. Obama went to bed the night Ambassador Stevens was under attack in Benghazi, and left the Secretary of Defense Penetta  in charge, but the Secretary could not make certain decisions that only the Commander in Chief can make.  As a consequence, Ambassador Stevens and three Americans, who were his aides, were killed.
  3. Obama is planning to remove 40,000 troops from the Army, when the numbers of military personnel are dangerously low.
  4. Obama refuses to attend regular security meetings, which means he does not have to make decisions, nor assume any responsibility for anything that is going on in the defense of America.


In the Bible, in Revelation, there is mention of World War III, which is said to begin in the area of the Euphrates River, which runs the length of Iraq. And Iraq is bordered by Iran, which Obama just allowed to build a nuclear bomb.

In reference to WWIII, it states that this war will kill 1/3rd of mankind.  That is about 2.2 Billion people.  It does not specifically identify where those huge losses will come from.  It is believed by many scholars of the Bible, that WWIII is due  to begin in the very near future [a matter of months].  And given what is taking place in the area of the Euphrates River, and in the Mid-East generally, and in Israel in particular, it is not difficult to imagine a war being a most likely prospect.

Obama has publicly denounced Netanyahu, and Israel in general, and as a muslim, Obama likely holds considerable hatred toward Israel.  Undoubtedly Jarrett does.

Given the above… we are faced with what I believe is a very serious dilemma:  On whose side will Obama be when WWIII breaks out,?  And perhaps more disturbing, if his failures to take responsibility in the past six years are any indication,  will Obama just turn the prosecution of WWIII over to Valerie Jarrett, or the Secretary of Defense, or to some Czar Obama may quickly move into the role?   Or, if he believed he could get away with it, would he simply surrender America to ISIS?  Declaring Marshal Law, and demanding all citizens surrender all arms?

My question to all Americans is this:   Is it not a wiser course of action for we citizens to take what ever time we have… and  DEMAND THAT CONGRESS Impeach Obama, and force Biden to take over, and also demand that Biden LISTEN TO THE JOINT CHIEFS!  As they do their best to defend America?

I ask this is all candor and sincerity.  Because I love America, and it pains me to realize we have an unstable person in a position too important for a sociopath.


Brother James


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