The Law of Karma… for Westerners

Many people use the term ‘karma,’ but few of those people know that this term “stands for” the primary, essential, and absolute genius of God.

With an Earth, swollen with people of all kinds, a bit over 6 billion at last count, how in the world would one  insure Perfect Justice, Fairness and Equality for each and every one of these 6 billion people?  This was the problem facing God before He first projected a stepped-down Spiritual Energy into the void, to initiate the Creation.

In my view, and this is also the view of many mystics throughout history, God resolved the problem of Fairness and Equality in a very unique way.  God devised a means by which each and every Soul would determine its own life, and its own Fate Karma for each lifetime, and in this process, each Soul would also determine the direction and nature of its own growth!  What God devised, and insured by attaching a MIND to each Soul that entered the Creation [and every Soul had to enter the Creation, even those Souls that did not want to leave God].  To accommodate those Souls that did not want to leave God,  God  “marked” every Soul that did not want to leave God… but had to… in order to fair to every Soul.

The Purpose of Life is for every Soul to have an equal opportunity of eventually obtaining sufficient Knowledge of everything that Neutral Spiritual Energy [or NSgy] could be?  To enable this gathering of Knowledge, God devised the Law of Karma. And the Law of Karma operates on a simple principle:  “As ye sow, so shall ye reap”.

In other words, every thought and action a Soul takes, which is described as the use of Yang [male, out-going energy], initiates a Yin [female in-going energy] that mirrors precisely the same,  but opposite energy, that must come back to oneself at some point in that Soul’s exploration of Life.  The “catch,” so to speak… is that if a person resists, or reacts to the return of some action taken by that person [regardless in what lifetime the original action was taken],  then that refusal to assume responsibility for that returning Karmic action… sets that same action in motion again, and at some future point, that Soul will be given an opportunity to once again ACCEPT responsibility for that action…  WITHOUT ANY RESISTANCE.  If the Karmic action is not accepted, then it will come around again, and again… until that Soul eventually assumes responsibility for that action, and holds the messenger blameless, and forgives the person returning that Karma entirely.  This is what Christ meant when he said “turn the other cheek,” and not to “judge”.

It is difficult for people not raised in a culture that comprehends the nature of Karma, and in particular in a culture that is taught that ones Soul only has one life in which to achieve Perfection…  to grasp the genius of God in devising the Perfect means of ensuring absolute fairness and justice for every Soul.   The Purpose of Life  is for every Soul to achieve a level of Consciousness [a substantial amount of Truth (Self-Realization) by accumulating the Virtues of Life, which I label Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding].

And the Purpose of Life is achieved by the operations of the Law of Karma coupled with Reincarnation, or the fact that we Souls have as many lifetimes as we require to either enjoy the play of Life and the endless temptations of life on Earth;  or in the alternative, to struggle against the desires of the MIND, and resist the temptations of Life, in an attempt to complete Karma by forgiveness and surrendering to the fact that we are responsible for everything that happens to us.  And yes, to assume personal responsibility for everything that happens to oneself is a very hard thing to do.  But, this is the ONLY way in which ones Soul acquires and accumulates the bits of Truth [“C’etc“]  that will, eventually free ones Soul from the cycle of birth and death.  And once ones Soul accumulates sufficient C’etc, this will create a level of Enlightenment that will allow one to “see” the door marked EXIT.

Now, for Christians… this Law is just as binding as for every Soul in Creation, but for Christians, they have the Master Christ, who set forth the exact same requirements, and teachings [except the Popes removed both the Law of Karma and Reincarnation from the scriptures during the 5th to the 15th centuries].


Brother James

The Law of Karma… for Westerners

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