I was writing this morning, and this just seemed to flow out as part of a larger point of explanation… and I found it amusing.

… And for me, what I KNOW via my Intuition is of greater Reality [or higher relative truth] than what my brain or physical senses can experience. And, when you consider that both the operations of the MIND and the Spiritual dimensions Within Man take place at levels which the brain cannot perceive, well then… much of what this book is about are elements of Man that the brain will never Know.
Unfortunately, these operations are invisible to the brain, and thus, if you are not open to your use of Intuition to resonate with what I will be sharing in this book, you will have to be content with being limited to the “abstract” words, terms, labels and concepts I am limited to using [due to the “Intellect Exclusionary Rule”] operating on this physical plane. Allow me to introduce and try to explain this “Intellect Exclusionary Rule” to you.
It is unlikely that a great many people realize that the Truth, Reality, and Spirituality cannot manifest on this physical plane. The reason is that these dimensions of existence vibrate at levels which are invisible to the physical brain and physical senses. This is the reason modern philosophy is unable to discover the Truth. Quite simply, the Truth vibrates at a level of Reality the brain is unable to perceive. And so, anyone who is limited to, or confined to the use of his or her brain to understand life, will of necessity be confined to that which the brain can perceive: The full range of vibrational matter we refer to as physical matter.  And this means for the philosopher to pursue the Truth using the brain is… well, it’s just not possible to do is the kindest way to state this fact. And this fact is due to the Intellect Exclusionary Rule which applies to the physical plane of existence [or the Earth plane].
However, it is pointless to try to explain what I just stated to the Intelack type personality, because the MINDs of such people [using the process of “DM=SI,” explained a bit later], convinces them that there is nothing that their brains cannot “know”.
__________ And again, all of this takes place Within the Intelack type individual at levels too suble for the brains of such people to perceive.


Brother James


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