Regarding “judgement” in the End Times…

The term Reincarnation refers to the fact that we Souls have as many lifetimes as we need to achieve the Purpose of life.. with one caveat regarding this concept that Revelation in the Bible causes me to question. In the Bible, at the time of Armageddon, or the battle just before Christ returns to fight the army of the Anti-christ, we are told that a ‘judgement’ will occur. And all dead will be raised, and judged as to whether they will become part of the Souls [whose names are written in the book of life], or they will be assigned to the Lake of Fire, along with the False Prophet and the Anti-christ. And Satan will be thrown into a bit and locked away for a thousand years.
It appears to me that this “judgement” is quite different from the Eastern Mystic description of the judgement that is made for each Soul at the end of each lifetime. And since Revelation is about the end of an Age, or the ‘end time,’ I wonder if this might not suggest a time-limit of sorts on Souls, and how much time they have to demonstrate their love for God?
That is, there are four Ages of Man, and these revolve in a continuous cycle, beginning with the Golden Age; then the Silver Age; the Coper Age; and finally the Iron Age… the ending of which we now find ourselves. So, if there is a kind of ‘ending’ of the Iron Age at the end of each cycle of Ages, perhaps Souls have from the time they begin entering the cycle of birth and death; at the beginning of the new Golden Age of Man, until the ending of the Iron Age of Man to discover God, become initiated or baptized, and then live lives celebrating the Truth of God… until the “final” judgement at the “end of the age”?
In the West, what I just described makes little sense because in the West we deny two major aspects of Reality. We [or many] deny both the Law of Karma [God’s brilliant method of guaranteeing absolute fairness, justice and equality for all Souls] and Reincarnation, or the fact we Souls have as many lifetimes as we can squeeze in to rise up the ladder of life to that of human being, and once we achieve that status, then we retain that status by clear adherence to the Laws of God, as enunciated in the Ten Commandments.
And we are judged at the end of each lifetime as to how well we did creating good Karma? So, the question as to whether or not ones name is in the book of Life… may include all Souls who have committed to the cycle of birth and death… AND have maintained a love and obedience to God in every lifetime that Soul has lived? And this would, of course, include all ones lifetimes in all the many forms ones Soul has inhabited!
The reader can ponder what I have said, or just discount it, if that is his/her preference? I stated what I have because I am honestly not certain about the whole of this “judgment” process? I am quite sure about the process relative to Eastern Mysticism and the process of Sant Mat [a path I happen to follow], but as to who is in the “Book of Life” and who is not, is something each person must seek to comprehend.


Brother James

Regarding “judgement” in the End Times…

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