The way Homosexuals [& ignorance] have harmed sincere attempts to help those infected with Homosexuality, and children… their primary target!

I just heard and read about —    Here  —  how a mentally conflicted governor of Oregon, in concert with ignorant, misguided and [perhaps just stupid] legislators, passed legislation designed to prevent parents from protecting their children from the abuse, misuse, and intentional infection of children… by homosexuals in Oregon.

This ignorant, uninformed, and sinister legislation is being pushed by homosexuals and those too ignorant to realize how dangerous the disease of homosexuality is, on people in many states, and now it is against the law to help a homosexual who wants help with this illness.

The illness of homosexuality is a mental illness [removed from the DSM III about a decade ago by homosexuals in mental health itself], and this disease has infected tens of thousands of children, many of whom are unaware they possess  a subtle sexual conflict regarding their own sexuality.  Unfortunately this confusion  is  a normal part of adolescence, and it is experienced by many young people.  BUT THIS IS NOT AN ILLNESS, IT IS A PSYCHOLOGICAL CONFLICT WHICH IS NORMAL, AND MOST CHILDREN GROW OUT OF IT… if they are not infected by homosexuals.

The primary symptom of homosexuality is “denial”.  And this denial is not an intellectual activity, it takes place deep within the MIND [and its operations are largely non-conscious].  However, the physical elements or aspects of the “grooming” part of the infection process that  takes place… are such that the young person is aware of what is going on…  and a child is VULNERABLE if… within the MIND of that child… the MIND of that child holds hidden within itself a misperception of  who and what he/she is.  And this misperception [that is fully non-conscious] is  taken-on at the time of birth, and this is taken-on by every child.  We are talking here about the degree of misperception a child’s MIND takes on. Not all children are equally vulnerable.

And yes, this sounds bizarre, to just list this fully non-conscious dynamic of the birth process in this way, but it should not be such a mystery… except for the fact that much of modern mental health ceased dealing with the Esoteric, or fully non-conscious aspects of Psychology several decades ago.  But do not take my word for this, just ask any licensed psychologist today what the MIND is?  And you will find not one in a hundred can tell you what it is, where it is,, what it does, or how one goes about making correction in it… if this is necessary?  But this has to do with the failure of mental health,  and this should not be passed on to young people… right?

So, what I am saying is that homosexuality is shrouded in mystery, confusion, and an intense fear that one might be labeled a “homophobe”.  So,the illness of homosexuality has been very successful in forcing people, who fear being labeled  a “homophobe,” into silence and unwittingly enabling this illness to spread rapidly across the nation.

The vulnerable young person is one within whom  a [fully non-consicous] fairly intense [albeit non-conscious] fear of who and what he or she might be exists…and remember, this subtle fear is non-conscious [the child is aware of seeming different, but the repressed fear is not part of the child’s awareness].  This causes this young person to be shy, unsure, insecure, and reluctant… which is misperceived by peers to be stand-offish, aloof, unfriendly, etc.  This is a perfect target for the homosexual, who is always in search of that which the illness cannot provide [a sense of being OK within oneself].  So, the homosexual is always searching for some vulnerable child to infect, and thus PROVE THAT HIS OR HER HOMOSEXUALITY IS REAL, NORMAL, NATURAL, AND OK.

And of course, we are talking about relativity here.  The degree of infection is relative to the level of fear  the false identity of homosexuality is masking?  This difference in those people who are infected causes those who are not infected to focus on the quiet cases of infestation, and ignore those whose need to be OK causes them to attempt more and more invasive ways of PROVING to themselves that they are OK, and normal.

The latest phrase of people physical altering themselves to be one sex or another, like Bruce Jenner, is an example of the extreme ways in which psychologically ill and desperate people will go to try and capture a sense of being OK.  The tragedy of course is that these people are mutilating themselves needlessly… while an ignorant mental health sits by and plays with drugs. But, because the external and intellectual ways in which they seek to be OK will never satisfy the inner fear of not being OK, they are forever desperately seeking a physical resolution. Shame on mental health, and its inexcusable  denial of their fear of the unknown.

And once a person has been seduced into thinking one is a homosexual, then the intensity of acting out that lifestyle becomes more and more important… as that person’s MIND seeks to keep hidden the fact that the person still has that deeply repressed fear  of his or her core identity… hidden within him or herself [at the time of birth].  So, the homosexual has a false identity to try and maintain, and at the same time, that person is constantly fearful that if he or she loses the false identity of homosexuality,  the repressed negative self-view of childhood will be exposed.  This is what makes the homosexual so tenacious in demanding that nothing be done to expose the false identity of homosexuality.

This then is the reason the homosexual community is to intensely working against any and all forms of treatment that might expose the fact that homosexual is a mental illness and that it needs to be [and can often be] completely cured.

As far as any bureaucrat interfering in the care of a child by parents… in my humble opinion, such a bureaucrat needs to undergo a course of Gestalt Psychotherapy with a properly trained therapist.  It is wrong for anyone to  prevent parents from doing what they need to do to help their children… PERIOD.  I believe only a godless individual would seek to force a child to live with the infection of homosexuality, when dealing with and eliminating this  illness is relatively simple to accomplish.

Of course  we desperately need more competent individuals in mental health, and this need has been critical for over a decade.

But, when someone in any position begins to assume he or she knows what is best for a child, or another person for that matter… that person needs to answer this question: What is the MIND, and how does it work to develop a personality, and how does it repress traumata from birth and early childhood?  And how does one help the MIND dislodge misperceptions it holds hidden within itself?  Until a person can answer these questions, he or she HAS ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS INTERFERING IN THE LIFE OF ANY CHILD.


Brother James

The way Homosexuals [& ignorance] have harmed sincere attempts to help those infected with Homosexuality, and children… their primary target!

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