DESIRE… And dealing with it…

This morning… I read, once again, the following:

Ekam sat vipra badhudha vadanti :  Which means “That which exists is one: Sages call it by various names.    And then Dr. Johnson, in whose book I was reading, said the following: “…Until we see nothing in the world but the Supreme One as the soul and life of all, every sort of evil will continue to beset our path.  We will make much of distinctions. We shall continue to set ourselves apart from all other beings and develop selfishness.  It is only in the great Universal One, in the Spirit Infinite, that we come to realize that we are all one in interests with a universal kinship.  Until we see the Infinite Good everywhere, even in evil, this perfect unity will not exist for us.”

What Dr. Johnson was writing is a very lofty concept that applies to someone who is very Enlightened.  And not to an ordinary person. This is understood by the reader of his book, and he explains this throughout the book.

My point in reading his book, which I often do, especially when I am confused, or troubled with my own thoughts, was to gain some perspective on the concept of ‘desire’. And what I realized is what I would like to try and share with the reader.

When Dr. Johnson said that “until we see nothing else in the world but the Supreme One…”, he was speaking of a level of detachment that can only be acquired by many years of meditation and study.  He then went on to explain that all of mankind is driven by desire [which is a natural aspect of life].  And the nature of ones desire is determined by  the level of  detachment one has achieved relative to the illusion of life?  And, of course my statement here assumes that the reader understands that the ‘illusion of life’ refers to this physical plane?  As opposed to the Esoteric or invisible planes of the MIND dimension and the Spiritual dimension.  And this refers to the notion that the whole of Man is composed of four simultaneously existing, and yet separate vibrational dimensions, only one of which is physical.  And I offer this only to set the stage for my short discussion of the topic of ‘desire’.

We speak of desire, most generally, as a single thing.  And we normally presume desire has to do with ones brain, or thinking [relative to and stimulated by things outside of us]. The fact is, desire initiates in the MIND, and it is fed to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain, where the brain begins to try and satisfy that desire.  And this process is part of the way in which ones MIND does its job of keeping us on tract to create, experience [and perhaps] complete the Karma we designed for ourselves to address in this lifetime.

And if this sounds as though we have more than one lifetime, it sounds like this because we do have more than one lifetime. And this is not the place to discuss this controversial concept, so just accept or set aside.

So, desire is natural.  It is also part of the way in which we grow and mature, and ones desires also subtly reflect the level or status of the maturation of ones Soul. That is, the nature of ones desires reflect both the level of ones Consciousness [inside], and ones desires also reflect ones family, education, training, religion, and so forth… or the lack of the influence of these?  In other words, ones desire reflects both what is inside of oneself, and what exists outside of oneself.

What I was reminded of by reading Dr. Johnson’s book, is that the only way to encourage ones MIND to seek a higher level of desire is to focus on that which is higher that this physical plane, and that of the MIND.  And what is higher is Spirituality. Which means focusing on reading about Spirituality, or attending Church.

Sadly, there is no other way of resisting unwanted desires than to try and override them by creating higher desires, or desires attached to elements that are higher in value than what the MIND knows.  And what is of higher value is the Word [or Spirit] of God.

This may sound trite, or of little importance, but it is actually crucial… if what one wants to do is to alter ones desires, which means habits?  Seek and ye shall find, is an old saying, but it is also true.


Brother James

by the way… Dr. Johnson’s book is:  The Path of the Masters, available at most libraries.

DESIRE… And dealing with it…

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