What lies behind “desire”?

Have you ever thought about what causes ‘desire’ ?

Or, have you ever considered the paradoxical problem of once a desire is fulfilled, another almost always finds its way to our thoughts?  Is it not peculiar that until we can identify a desire, it can’t be found by use of our known senses?  Could this phenomenon be the reason so many have concluded [like B.F. Skinner] that there are no desires Within us… only bone and tissue? And that desires are therefore simply stimulated within our brains  by what we see outside ourselves?

Sort of like we are zombie dongs absent creativity, desire, achievement, etc., until we develop a craving to do, be, or have what someone outside of us has, is doing, eating, or being?  To imagine such a thing is what a particular type of person does.  A person whose life is spent in his or her brain, thinking about things.  This type of person is also lacking in emotion, imagination, playfulness, and very often the ability to see the absurdity of life…

One of the most difficult challenges faced by parents is teaching young children not to laugh at things that are very amusing… but by laughing, those who are experiencing these amusing things are embarrassed.  And about the time a child learns not to laugh at that which is amusing, puberty has set in, and suddenly there is nothing  the youth experiences that is funny. Isn’t this peculiar, and at the same time sad?

The bottom-line source of desire is the Soul’s great desire to return to God.  This force is converted by the MIND [which actually fears Spiritual Energy] and thus interprets this Energy as having to do with something outside of Man.  So, the habit of casting about outside of oneself to find something to desire… comes from a need of ones MIND to prevent one from becoming aware of the Spiritual dimension hidden Within oneself.  And this habit becomes a way of life for almost everyone.  We view ourselves based on what we see outside of ourselves, and how close to, or different from what we see is how we evaluate [judge] ourselves.

The healthy person doesn’t really care what others are wearing or doing, but how do we differentiate the healthy person from the very insecure person who dresses differently from others to be recognized?  Perhaps it’s a matter of degree of difference, and how dedicated one is to being different?

But back to desire.  At the stage just above the Spiritual stage, there is the Law of Karma stage, and this is where ones MIND operates in fulfilling the Fate Karma ones Soul designed for this lifetime.  So, along with urges to seek God [which ones MIND interprets as a need to experience sex, or go fishing, or buy a new hat],  one also has urges that are intended to drive one toward fulfilling the Karma one has designed for this lifetime.  And unknown to most in the West, at the same time your Fate Karma is driving you toward someone with whom you have Karma, that person’s Fate Karma is driving them towards you.

And, believe it or not, this is true for everyone you will exchange energy with throughout the day.  Even you and I have some Karma.  I am writing this for those who read it, and each reader will take from this writing exactly what he or she needs to complete what Karma lies between us.  And I thank you for this, as reducing Karma is the primary way to advance ones Consciousness, or Spiritual Evolution.

To “see” desire as merely a nudge toward completing ones Karma is not very exciting, perhaps?  But the nearer one comes to viewing life as this, the easier life becomes.  And the less hold ones desire has upon oneself.


Brother James

What lies behind “desire”?

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