Supreme Court, Religion, and Mistaken views…

If at all familiar with my blogs, or books, then you know that I write about the fact there are two very different types of people on Earth.

What you may not know is that unless one knows how to identify these two different types of people, one only finds out about how damaging one type of these people  can be to mankind only when it is too late to easily change the damage that has been done.   Such as Supreme Court decisions that often tend to permanently damage  American citizens.  The latest is the judgement that there is nothing wrong with people of the same sex being married.

This means the Supreme Court set aside God, the Bible, and thousands of years of tradition, and declared that Homosexuality is OK, normal, natural, and despite the fact it is a serous mental disorder,  it is now against the law to say so.

Those members of the Supreme Court who made such an asinine ruling are one of three things:  1. Simply too senile to be on the Court;  2. A Homosexual, and thus, suffering from  a disease whose primary symptoms are denial and a reduced level of Conscience/Discretion; Or 3, an Intelack type personality, which means someone whose Soul is immature relative to its level of Consciousness, and thus easily directed by his or her MIND?

And… let me hasten to add this fact:  It is quite possible for a Homosexual, or a person lacking in Consciousness to be very Intellectual… or in possession of a relatively high IQ, and to be  lacking in Consciousness at the same time.

You see, the Enlightened individual is Enlightened because his or her Soul has acquired a substantial amount of the Virtues of Life, and my labels for these are: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding. Or, collectively I refer to them by the symbol “C’etc”.    And I believe that the term “Consciousness,” given to the world by the ancient Geeks, is a term that includes  and refers to the Virtues each Soul is slowly acquiring over many, many lifetimes.

So, and as strange as it might seem, there are many very bright [intellectually gifted] individuals around who quite easily perform in the world today [which steadfastly works to keep the emotionality of Man to a minimum], and yet these individuals are short on insight, empathy, and Intuition.

Finally, any person who unknowingly lacks Conscience and Empathy is someone whose MIND will cause that person to not see, nor even miss a great deal of life that rests upon Conscience and Discretion… such as the fact that Homosexuality is a mental illness, and that it can be corrected by the proper type of Psychotherapy.  That is, a form of Psychotherapy that involves working with a person’s MIND [which is invisible to the brain, and certainly not discernible by the brain… which is physical].

Unfortunately, modern mental health, or what I refer to as “BS&bp,” has not dealt with the MIND of Man since the early 1900s, when B.F. Skinner’s own MIND caused him to declare that there is no such thing as the MIND.  The Intelack type people who wanted to study “psychology” without having to deal with their own MINDs, quickly rushed to the “new” oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology,’ since it no longer required students of ‘behavioral psychology’ to deal with their MINDs at all.

So, three-quarters of the whole of Man has been denied, ignored, and removed from the curriculum of “psychology” over the last century.  Little wonder then that the illness of Homosexuality, which is quite infectious, has literally exploded over the many decades since the early 1900s.

I mention this only for those who need to know this information.  I do not expect any changes to occur, except for individuals who might use this information for their own advantage… especially regarding the End Time, and resurrection.


Brother James

Supreme Court, Religion, and Mistaken views…

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