One Last Attempt to Share Some Insight into Obama…

It is unfortunate that modern mental health fails to pursue a proper view of the whole of Man.  That is, to consider the psychological three-quarters of Man that the brain, or intellect can neither perceive, nor process. And due to this failure, the nation is unaware of what causes President Obama to do what he does!

And the denial of the MIND of Man naturally leads to a denial of the Spiritual dimension of Man, since both are Esoteric, or invisible to the brain.  And denial of the MIND is due to a non-conscous fear of the deeply repressed traumata hidden Within the MIND.  And the term Within means incapable of being perceived by the brain or physical senses.

In the early 1900s, a group of scientist-type individuals, headed by B.F. Skinner, were studying the behavior of animals by observing the animals, and then speculating as to what in the environment of the animals might be causing the animals to behave as they did?

What is important about these scientist-type individuals is the REASON they were doing what they were doing?  And to explain this… is where I must direct the reader’s attention to the difference between what the ancient Greeks gave the world as Psychology some 2,000 years ago… and what Skinner, and his colleagues were doing. And to do this, I must introduce the reader to two things  very few people today have been exposed to?  And these two things are:

1. The fact that Man has a MIND, and the MIND is not the brain, and the MIND is a subtle body of energy that the brain is unable to perceive.

2.  The fact that a large number of people unknowingly fear what is deeply repressed Within their MINDs, and as a consequence of this, they are naturally drawn to the denial of the MIND of Man that the oxymoron “behavioral psychology” [or modern mental health], which I refer to as “BS&bp” (Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”),  has pursued, and which has literally replaced the 2,000 year old “psychology” of Man… which was based on a study of the Esoteric [invisible] dimensions of Man.

A quote from Skinner, to someone open to the concept of the MIND, reveals a great deal about his Intellectualism, and his fear:

“A child is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things that happen to him, but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior.” Evans, Richard I. B.F. Skinner: The Man and His Ideas. New York: E.P. Dutton & Co., 1968.

I should add that it was most presumptuous of Skinner to assume that his ignorance was shared by those in Psychology at the time, but this form of elitist mentality is not unusual for the Intelack type personality, which he was.

What Skinner was saying is that he did not believe that there was such a thing as the MIND… unfortunately, his ignorance and arrogance was his own MIND protecting him from having to face that which he feared:  His own MIND. And his mistaken belief [Delusional Thinking] was quickly picked up by those who wanted to “study” psychology, but were [unknowingly] afraid of dealing with their own MINDs.  So, over the last century, “psychology” has dropped off three-quarters of who and what Man is, in favor of a Delusional Intellectualism that supposes that all that is important about Man can be deduced by merely thinking about the behavior of Man.

One result of this denial of the MIND is the high rate of suicide by Vets, whose PTSD is exacerbated by therapists whose own fear reinforces the repressed fear of the Veteran, thus causing the MIND of the Veteran to seek suicide as the only recourse.  Unintended, but devastating result of BS&bp and its denial of the MIND.

Obama was abandoned by first his father [a Muslim Marxist, who left his son to pursue revolution in Africa, where he was killed].  The belief of the child’s MIND was that he was of less importance than Communism to his father. Thus, Obama’s MIND reasoned that if he was a Communist, then he might re-capture his father. Does this seem strange?  The workings of the MIND are strange, but they are quite consistent… if one has the key to the operation of the MIND?

Obama’s mother abandoned him as well, as she went in pursuit of spreading  Socialism in the world.  This double abandonment left Obama’s MIND with the belief that something was wrong with him.  This, I believe, is the reason he fears making a decision…  his MIND is protecting him from re-experiencing the pain  he felt at being abandoned [because communism was more important than he was]. So, if he avoids making a decision, he cannot be blamed, and he remains free of the pain of being abandoned.

Not only was Obama’s father a Communist, but his first tutor Unknown-6 Frank Marshall Davis, was a Communist as well. As a child, Obama was surrounded by Communists… and what is a Communist? Those people who are drawn to the Utopian ideals of Communism are people with Souls that are lacking in Spiritual Evolution, or immature in Conscience. This lack of Consciousness results in a person who is vulnerable to the rhetoric that God either does not exist, or if God exists, then he made a mistake because there is inequality on Earth… and the Intelack [godless] person has a MIND that causes him/her to believe that it is Man that must correct the inequality on Earth.

This is the psychological driver Within Obama to “redistribute the wealth”. And like all Marxist-type people, Obama takes his cut of all redistribution… because he is “special” [which is an over-compensation masking an insecure personality]. In other words, Obama has no personal sense of self, but depends upon and must surround himself with people who remind him of the parents who abandoned him as a child.  This is the reason, even though doing so is a treasonous act, Obama surrounds himself with Marxists and Muslims.  Even placing a Muslim Brotherhood individual in the Department of  Homeland Security.

The point being… Obama is a national security threat by his sheer existence as the Commander in Chief… a person who fears making a decision, which means his decisions are made by others, who are unaccountable.

America is in grave danger  because Obama is more insane than sane, and his MIND seeks to satisfy psychological needs that have nothing to do with the Reality of what is facing America.  His refusal to say Muslim terrorism is his MIND refusing to further remove him from his memory of his father.  America makes a huge mistake in its refusal to recognize that Obama is caught in an internal loop of Psychological traumata, and any decisions he makes will be determined by this internal conflict that is entirely Delusional.

To put such a person behind a button with which he can destroy any enemy his MIND determines as needing to be eliminated… is a very bad decision for America.  And with this, I leave America to its bizarre need to retain someone like Obama in office… most peculiar… and perhaps based on fear of being seen as racial? Or perhaps the insanity of the End Time demands America self-destruct?


Brother James

One Last Attempt to Share Some Insight into Obama…

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