Regarding Intuition or being Psychic…

As I’ve noted in the past, in the West, and in America, our system of education [especially over the last 4 decades] leaves a great deal to be desired in terms of Creativity, Spontaneity, and making use of our natural faculty of Intuition. And the reason is a steady albeit insidious infusion of Intelack type people.

You may not be aware that people on the Astral region of Creation communicate with each other via telepathic communication.  Or a kind-of “mind-reading” level of communication, which involves the MIND of one person… and the faculty of Intuition of another person.  A person can use his or her faculty of Intuition to know [via subtle vibrational recognition] another’s thoughts by simply tuning into what another’s MIND is processing.  And, as you might imagine, this really cuts down on lies, distortions, exaggerations, and dishonesty.

Now, this makes little sense, or is difficult to comprehend, unless one is aware that the whole of Man is composed of four separate vibrational dimensions, each one with its own realm of reality… and each is simultaneously operating.  These are, from inside out… so to speak… the Spiritual dimension, the Higher MIND dimension, the Lower MIND dimension, and the physical dimension.  But… on the Astral region there is no physical dimension, so what we use on the Earth plane is absent.  And for some, this entire concept is a problem, but for others not so much.

The difference being how familiar a person was with the faculty of Intuition on the Earth plane?  For those who are essentially limited to the brain and thinking, the Astral plane concept is a very difficult concept to comprehend… because these people keep trying to think, and there is nothing about Reality  “thinking” can perceive… because there is no brain nor physical senses on the Astral plane of existence [the very first plane beyond the physical dimension].  And despite how crucial Intuition is, for each human being… this aspect of ones Spiritual dimension is rarely discussed.  How come?

Well,  the answer involves the two different types of people on Earth. One type is the Intelack type person, and the other type is the Enlightened type person.  The Enlightened type person is the Soul that has acquired a substantial amount of C’etc [or Consciousness].  The Intelack type person, by contrast, is the person whose Soul has not acquired much C’etc, and lacking C’etc, that person is operated by his or her MIND, and is pretty much confined to the brain as his/her primary means of discovering Earth… and the Intelck lacks what is often referred to as “common sense” [and common sense is the physical plane exercise of ones faculty of Conscience and Discretion; two aspects of C’etc], which are possessed by the Enlightened individual, and not the Intelack individual.

In practical terms… the Intelack lacks the Virtues of Life: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.  Together, these form what the ancient Greeks called Consciousness.  So, the Intelack is a person whose Soul is newer to the form of human being, and thus, less mature, or in possession of less Consciousness, or C’etc. The Intelack is naturally drawn to the Democrat party, and will find Marxism, Socialism and Communism all good ideas.  The Intelack is a natural Progressive and loves growing government, and needs to control everyone and everything by rules and regulations… since the Intelack intensely fears personal responsibility… which is a natural fear caused by a lack of Spiritual Evolution of ones Soul.

All hate, prejudice, racial conflict, greed, envy, and loneliness are symptoms of the Intelack type person, whose Soul is more attached to the MIND, that to God.

So, am I suggesting that ones level of Intuition is relative to the level of Enlightenment possessed by ones Soul?  This is precisely what I am suggesting, and this is also true.  And those people who possess some level of psychic ability have Souls that possess more Consciousness.  And the nature or area in which one can make use of this “earned” level of Enlightenment is due to the fact one has worked on “earning” this ability. However, one had best be very careful that one does not misuse  this ‘gift’.  Because misuse of this gift will result in one losing this “gift”.

So, there you have a sketch of what Intuition and Psychic ability are, and the basic difference between the Intelack person and the Enlightened person.


Brother James

Regarding Intuition or being Psychic…

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