Spirituality… An Invisible Topic to Study

Even the Bible alludes to Spirituality as “Spirit,” and leaves it at that.

The vibrational Energy of Spirituality is thrice removed from this physical plane [explained momentarily], and the only part of Man that is capable of experiencing the Energy of Spirituality is ones faculty of Intuition — which is rarely discussed, and almost unknown, and that’s because it is Esoteric [invisible].

Finally… Spirituality consists of a vibrational Energy that can ONLY be experienced from Within itself.  That is,  the term ‘Spirituality’ is an abstract word, which means a group of letters grouped in a form that the dictionary lists, and defines as referring to [most generally] other abstract terms, none of which can actually convey what it is they “stand for”.  And because we do not distinguish between abstract words and words that stand for actual things we can see and know via our physical senses, we tend to “think” of abstract words in the same way as words that point to actual objects we can experience.

So, most people “think” they know what the abstract word “Soul” means, when in actuality… virtually no one knows what the term Soul means.

The whole of Man consists of four simultaneously existing, and yet entirely separate vibrational energies, only one of which is physical.  From inside out, so to speak… these are the Soul [Spiritual Energy], the Higher MIND, the Lower MIND, and ones physical body, which includes ones brain. This means that Man, the whole of Man, consists of four dimensions, and only one of these is physical, tangible and capable of being experience by the brain and physical senses.

This means… three-quarters of Man cannot be experienced by ones brain or physical senses. And the Intelack class person has no idea what I just wrote, nor can the Intelack class person experientially comprehend what I just wrote.  That is,  there are on Earth a class of people who, during this lifetime, will not be able to awaken to the Spirituality of their own Souls; or to the MIND hidden Within themselves.  And this introduces the two different types of people on Earth:  The Intelack and the Enlightened types of people.  And neither can be identified by simply looking at a person, since what differentiates these two types of people are Esoteric, or invisible  dimensions, which the brain cannot perceive.

In the early 1900s, a group, led by B.F. Skinner, insisted that the Esoteric [or less than physical dimensions of Man] were unnecessary to study, and that the only part of Man that mattered was the physical dimension that the brain could see and think about.  This Delusional Idea was put forth by these people as a serious idea, because these people were Intelack type people.  And they were serious because their MINDs caused them to believe the Delusional Thinking their MINDs fed to the Left-Hemisphere of their brains, so they had no idea that what they believed was a good idea… was in fact an insidiously bad idea.

I refer to such people as the Intelack class of people.  And briefly, Intelack simply means a person with a Soul that is lacking in Consciousness, or C’etc. And to properly comprehend me, the reader must be open to the concept that Man is more than what can be seen in a mirror… and the twin concepts of the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation. For a long research project, click here.

More on Spirituality.


Brother James

Spirituality… An Invisible Topic to Study

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