Regarding Forgiveness…

The concept of forgiveness is a fairly strange concept in that “to forgive” someone has no impact upon that person [well, it depends upon the person], but forgiveness has a great impact upon oneself, if one is open to receiving it?

The habit of people is to ask someone to forgive them, and when the person says yes, they forgive them, then many people “hear” the forgiveness of another with their ears [which means they hear the forgiveness as part of their brain and hearing] but they fail to forgive themselves at an emotional level Within themselves.  And unless you take another’s forgiveness to heart [forgive oneself as part of an emotional process], then the whole process is an intellectual process, which has no real impact upon ones repressed ‘guilt’.

You see, guilt for doing something evil, is closely monitored by the Law of Karma, and it is not possible to do something to someone who does not deserve what one is doing… but what I just said is part of the Reality of Life, and not part of what any of us can know.  So, when we do something evil,  the only part of what we are doing that impacts us… is that one’s Soul is following the dictate of ones MIND, and in doing so… one is momentarily turning ones face from God.  And I venture to say you have not thought about your actions in this way before?

Quite literally, it is not possible to be focused on God, or ones own Spirituality, and engage in an evil act. This is an impossibility.  We have one Attn Aspect of Apapsyche, and it can only focus on one dimension of oneself at a time.

This is the either-or aspect of life, where each Soul has a constant choice between good and evil [if our Karma allows such choice, that is].  If we can actually make a choice, then the wise person chooses good,or God over evil. But since the reason one is on this Earth plane is to do Karma, much of the Karma we do is “destined,” and we do not have a choice in the matter.  And let me share a few words  about ones life being “destined”.

At the close of each lifetime, ones Soul goes to a ‘judge,’ on the Astral plane, and ones Soul and judge go over how well one did working though the Fate Karma ones Soul designed for ones just completed lifetime.  So, ones Soul and this judge evaluate how well one did, and decide what one needs:  Either to visit some Hell [where ones MIND is taught to avoid a certain Karmic activity as part of its re-education], or ones Soul goes to some Heaven for rest and relaxation?

And before leaving the evaluation, ones Soul designs a new Fate Karma for its next lifetime.  And about the time ones MIND is re-educated, or ones stay in Heaven is over, ones next lifetime is about ready for one to initiate.

On Earth, ones new mother and father are about to have sex, and that sex will result in your birth, and you must be on Earth in your Astral form at the time of sex, so that you can initiate your own birth by giving “life” to the union of egg and sperm. Then you return to the Astral region for a short stay while the fetus forms, and at a point, your Soul enters the fetus and remains until your actual birth.

So, the primary challenge of forgiveness is for you to forgive yourself… not for some evil action, but for turning your face from God, and thus denying God for the time you were engaged in an evil action.  And in terms of Karma, in doing the evil action, you obligate yourself for that exact same action to be taken against yourself in either this lifetime, or in some subsequent lifetime.  And of course, the Law of Karma is an Absolute Law.  And, no one mocks or avoids the Law of Karma.

So, forgiveness is actually you acknowledging the fact that you chose to do some evil act, and in doing so, you denied God. And anytime one denies God, that creates great pain within ones ‘heart’.  So deep grief is the natural way of erasing the residue of ones Karma, held as intense emotional pain within ones MIND.  This is the forgiveness we desperately seek. Each bit of Karma is a dissociated bit of ones own Spirituality… held in the form of that Karma. It is Grace when one is enabled to convert repressed Karma into some bit of Truth, that is then stored Within ones Apapsyche [as Knowledge].

If you do not experience an intense and painful grief Within yourself, you can assume your forgiveness of yourself is an intellectual exercise… helpful, but it has not erased the intense guilt from Within your MIND.

I hope this was helpful.


Brother James

P.S.  If you are a therapist, you might have an interest in reading about “the secret of competent Psychotherapy,” here.

Regarding Forgiveness…

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