A Little Know Fact About Karma….

_________ Now, here is a bit of information that is virtually unknown to most people: Every act of evil a person engages in… sets in motion a particular bit of Karma, and that bit of Karma is created by using one’s own Spiritual Energy. That is, ones own Spiritual Energy is drawn down to CREATE the operation of such Karma.

In other words, the energy of the negative Karma one engages in diminishes or reduces the amount of ones own Spiritual Energy in exact proportion to the nature of the negative Karma one engages in.
And I bet you never considered this, right?
If more people realized this, how much less negativity would there be in the world, I wonder?

Although all of this is invisible to us, it is taking place, and each bit of negative Karma one is involved in DIMINISHES ONES LEVEL OF SPIRITUALITY. Each lie one tells reduces ones level of Spiritual Evolution to some extent. And for the person who is a chronic liar, like President Obama, and the Clintons, they are in an elevator in free fall, as it descends into Hell. They will find themselves in the Lake of Fire when the final ‘judgement’ comes at the time of Armageddon.

In other words, and quite literally, evil uses ones own Spiritual Energy [the only Energy capable of creating phenomena] in the thoughts, actions, and Karmic activity surrounding the exploration of evil.
No wonder then that Christ and all Saints, Masters, and Enlightened individuals warn us of the danger inherent in engaging in evil!!!


Brother James

A Little Know Fact About Karma….

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