And by ‘enemy’ I mean those people whose lack of Spiritual Evolution causes them to naturally be drawn into the field of evil, evil deeds, thoughts, actions and associations. And the reason for this is [at least to me], somewhat fascinating.

You see, there are two different types of people on Earth.  But what makes people different is not something we can see with our eyes, and so… most people are unaware of this difference, although many are aware of the “symptoms” of this difference as exhibited by one class of people.  And the nature of Man [and in fact the nature of the Creation itself] is such that this difference is supposed to be invisible… so that we do not become aware of it. And the reason for this is that once a person becomes aware of this difference he or she will begin to change substantially.

And this ‘change’ involves the war between good and evil. That is, as a person begins to become aware of evil… a person will automatically begin to resist and avoid evil. And my saying this, as I just did, is easy to do.  But the way in which a person becomes aware of evil is not easy, nor simple…  In fact, it requires many lifetimes of effort, and a great deal of pain and suffering. And this process is personal and experiential, and it also requires several trips to various Hells in which ones MIND receives re-education, specifically designed to “teach” ones MIND to cease certain desires which always result in evil.

To become aware of evil, in other words, means doing negative Karma,  and then at the time of death, one’s actions of that lifetime are judged, and ones Soul [with MIND attached] must spend time in various Hells, each of which is designed to cause ones MIND to develop a phobia regarding certain desires… which naturally result in pain and suffering.  This is not well known in the West, because Christianity [many scholars suggest, and mystics agree] has undergone some revision of scriptures by the Popes between the 5th and 15th centuries.

So, it is suggested that direct reference to the Law of Karma designed by God was removed from the Scriptures.  And also removed were references to Reincarnation.  And with these two crucial elements of the Reality of Life missing in the West, we run into the major problem the West faces in trying to comprehend the hatred of a class of people whose Souls lack Spiritual Consciousness.

The Crusades were fought precisely between these two different types of people, and every war is fought between these two different types of people. One group driven by the MIND, and the other group seeking to rise above the MIND. And the Earth is already into WWIII, and still the West is lost, and ignorant regarding the class of people dedicated to killing America and Americans, who this class of people refer to as the great Satan.

The peculiar paradox and insane nature of this coming war is that it is being fought due to Delusional Thinking created by the MINDs of people who are told by their MINDs that the Spirituality of the West is false, and thus of Satan.  And my point here is not who is right or wrong, but that the BELIEFS are held by a group of people whose level of Consciousness will not allow them to believe other than they do. This is their belief for this lifetime… period.

To try and reason, placate, or satisfy the desires of a people who are filled with fear and hate, is not possible to do. And anyone who believes it is possible is delusional, or insane.  And President Obama is both delusional and insane.  And yet, the nation [I believe because Obama is black] is reluctant to remove Obama, even though he will destroy America if left in office.

The enemy is ignorance [or a lack of Spiritual Evolution] and this ignorance is centuries old, and it will not be cured, but must be eliminated.  But to do this requires a people who have the will to survive, and is brave enough to remove an insane President.


Bother James


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