What is the MIND? Part 2

This two-part discussion of the MIND of Man is meant for everyone to read… however, only an Enlightened individual will be able to “see” [which  means awaken from Within oneself to the mystical bits of Truth that many of the terms, or symbols in this blog point to].  In other words, Life is a ladder, quite literally, and each of us is perched on some rung of that ladder.

However, the ladder is invisible, and thus, only a certain class of Enlightened individuals are capable of being awakened to the existence of this invisible [Esoteric] ladder.  Not by use of ones brain or physical senses, but by ‘Empathetic Understanding,’ which means via ones faculty of Intuition.  If… this faculty is available to oneself, and if it is active?

And to put this another way… there are many people who will not be able to comprehend much of what I am writing from an experiential point of view [which means in Reality], but their MINDs will cause their brains to “think” that they fully comprehend the words and symbols I am using.  And that which causes them to “think” this is “Delusional Thinking”.

And once again, Delusional Thinking, or D-Think for short, are words fed to the Left-Hemisphere of ones brain by ones MIND, as ones MIND uses what I refer to as “DM=SI” [Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity].  And D-Think is specifically used to cause one to “think” that one knows what an abstract word stands for… when in FACT, one has no idea what that abstract word stands for?

Take for example the word ‘Soul’.  How many believe they KNOW what the word Soul stands for?  Most people believe they know what the word Soul stands for… is the answer. And yet, how many of these people have actually seen or witnessed the Soul?  The answer is virtually no one.  Because, the only person on earth who has seen the Soul would be a Perfect Living Master, who is on Earth to Initiate those Souls who are ‘ready’ to begin a person path back to God.

And, how many are aware of this arrangement?  Again, the answer is…precious few.  My point being… there are many elements to the Reality of Life that the vast majority of people on Earth are not aware of… because these elements exist in one of the three vibrational planes of existence that reside Within Man… [actually exist simultaneously as the whole of Man], and these dimensions are, from top to bottom] the Spiritual dimension, the Higher MIND dimension, and the Lower MIND dimension.  And these three dimensions are invisible to the brain and physical senses.

This is precisely what Christ meant when he told his disciples that to them it was given to “see” and to “hear” that which the masses could neither see nor hear.  Christ meant that he had awakened their Spiritual sight, and they could therefore experience levels of Reality that others could not perceive.

So, anyone who is confined to use of his brain to comprehend life is blind to the existence of these three invisible dimensions. And the only way to experience these otherwise invisible dimensions is for ones Soul to acquire sufficient C’etc … but to say this is somewhat misleading. That is, your MIND will read what I wrote, and your MIND will cause the reader to “think” that C’etc is something that ones brain can acquire by [EDUCATION] or training.  And the TRUTH IS, the brain will NEVER BE ABLE TO EXPERIENCE THE ESOTERIC DIMENSIONS OF ONESELF.  And this means ones MIND and ones Spirituality.

And there is no ‘work around’ to this Absolute restriction.  So those people trained in BS&bp [who are Intelack type people] can read every book ever written, attend every lecture ever given, and still they will be unable to experience the Esoteric dimensions of Man. And the reason is that they are not Enlightened enough [have not ascended the Ladder of Life sufficiently to have ‘earned’ the right to “see” higher Truths].  Because… that which can experience the Truth is ones Soul…[level of Consciousness ones Soul has achieved].   And the faculty of ones Soul that can access these bits of Truth is  “Intuition”.

It is not possible for an Intelack type person to awaken to the higher dimensions of Life, because that person is confined to the brain and thinking.  Which is the natural way LIFE limits we Souls from getting ahead of ourselves. Ahead of our own Spiritual Evolution, in other words. And, it is this lack of C’etc that makes the Intelack vulnerable to the negative desires of his or her MIND.  And the amount of C’etc a Soul has acquired determines which rung of the Ladder of Life that Soul inhabits?  So, ones level of Consciousness is  relative to where on the Ladder of Life that Soul is perched?  No Soul can “see” what exists on a higher rung of the Ladder, until that Soul reaches that rung.  And this is Reality 101.

So, it makes no difference in Reality whether someone trained in BS&bp believes there is a MIND or not.  Just like it makes no difference if a person believes in death or not?  When that person’s time comes to die, he dies.  Man is so arrogant in his colossal ignorance… The Earth is an illusion which gives we Souls an opportunity  to find the Truth, or to fail in doing so?  It isn’t exactly free will, but it is close enough for government work.


Brother James

What is the MIND? Part 2

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