The MUSLIM Issue…

I suspect that many people realize [but most likely do not dwell upon the fact] that many “Christians” are raised as Christians from birth, in families that “think” that being a Christian is like being a Republican or a Democrat.

Well, I’m sure that many Muslims are born into families that are Muslim, and thus raised as Muslims, but when they move into other parts of the world… as individuals or single families… they disengage from the various required behaviors of Islam, but still maintain the belief they are Muslim.

And this “habit” of thinking one is a Muslim is what many people in America do.  So, they do not condemn the violence, hate, fear, and cowardice of the Islamic religion… because,  not maintaining all the ritual of the religion [hate, intolerance, fear, violence] their MINDs just do not take what they observe as being a danger to themselves… because they are, after all “muslims” themselves.  And the fact that ISIS kills people like themselves, their MINDs just ignore as a general denial of reality.

The PROBLEM America has is in attributing the term “religion” to Islam, as part of its history of insuring tolerance for every religion. Islam is not a religion in the sense it believes in God [as a loving God], since Allah is a god of punishment, terror, violence, hatred, intolerance and sexual deviancy.

It is beyond dumb of America to grant equal status to Islam, when Islam makes it clear world-wide that it seeks the death of every American, and of everyone who does not swear allegiance to Islam.

To not make the philosophy of Islam an enemy of America is to display an ignorance that cannot be justified, regardless how the Intelack type people attempt to do so.

So, in my humble opinion, until and unless America realizes it is inviting death and distruction to itself by allowing self-declared murderers to roam free in America, the nation will suffer greatly.

Islam = death, evil, violence and hatred. What about this philosophy of Death [the rider of the pale horse of the Apocalypse] should be Constitutionally guaranteed?


Brother James



The MUSLIM Issue…

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