ISLAM : A Dark Choice for Man

This morning, I realized [in a brief moment of clarity] that Islam is a choice for lost Souls; and a choice that is to be pitied… and to be avoided if possible. Although, in this closing Iron Age of  Man, the vortex of evil that Islam offers… is very powerful.

Some words that resonate with Islam are: Lonely, fear, hate, needy, disrespectful, arrogant, mean, thoughtless, selfish, and lost. And these terms seem naturally suited to the darkness of Islam.

Some actions that Islam calls for are: Murder, violence, hatred, cruelty, spitefulness, self-loathing, secretiveness, subjugation, lying, cheating, stealing, and disingenuousness.  That Islam specifically condones falseness as a means of taking advantage of others is…perhaps as close to Satanism as any group can be?  And Islam  reminds one of Nazism and Marxism in its love of oppressing and punishing people.  And its intense fear of freedom and liberty.

In the Bible, in Revelation 6:8, Islam is described as one of the four horses of the Apocalypse; the pale horse, whose rider is Death. This clearly identifies Islam not as a religion, but as a political force whose purpose is that of controlling and subjugating human beings, and its desire to control the world is the exact same desire Hitler sought to achieve.

It occurred to me that Islam is the natural pursuit of Souls that are lost in darkness, and thus, it naturally strikes fear in Souls that are not fully secure in the love of God.  To fear Islam, I realized, is to allow ones MIND to override ones Spiritual nature… as one temporarily turns from the light, and becomes involved in the things of darkness.  Those Souls who are lost in darkness must be pitied, and avoided in so far as possible. The punishment and condition of such Souls is the domain of God, more than Man.

The task and eventual glory of the Soul who loves God is to increase its dependence [surrender to] God, trusting in God to do that which is necessary in HIS Creation.  This choice is indeed difficult… if one is overly attached to this illusion, or life on this Earth.  Let us not lose sight of our duty to God, when Satan threatens us with his creatures of darkness.  Islam is perhaps the final temptation for lost Souls, and it is a boat whose destination is the Lake of Fire, not Peace, nor Joy.

Let those capable of rising above the darkness of the threat of Islam be at Peace Within themselves… while supporting those who are struggling in the face of so much evil flooding the world.  Surely this is the times we have been told to expect?  It is very difficult being in the world, and not of it. Pray for guidance, and for strength.


Brother James

ISLAM : A Dark Choice for Man

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