The TRUTH About Islam

In the Bible, Islam is mentioned, but few realize how it is mentioned, or that it was mentioned or that it was mentioned long  before it was established by Mohammad… who said that he was a prophet, and his message was two-fold: 1. All about how to maintain control over a population by force, and 2. That he and his followers were to spread violence, hatred, and  murder as messengers of god, and to attempt to control the world by killing everyone who refused to bow down and worship Allah, the god Muhammad created.

Muhammad lived, it is believed, between 570 and 632 A.D. An interesting thing I came across in a brief research was this:

“Muhammad is a narcissist, a pedophile, a mass murderer,
a terrorist, a misogynist, a lecher, a cult leader, a madman
a rapist, a torturer, an assassin and a looter.”
Former Muslim Ali Sina offered $50,000 to anyone
who could prove otherwise based on Islamic texts.
The reward has gone unclaimed.

_________  Who says that Islam is a “religion” of peace?  What the Quran encourages adherents to the philosophy of Islam to do is to murder, rape, kill, and behead those who refuse to accept the Islamic life-style that makes females chattel property of the males who own them. In civilized nations this is called slavery.

It seems to me of great importance that Christians point out that the term Allah does not refer to God, but to some secret entity that told Muhammad things, mostly about himself, and what others needed to do to please Muhammad.  Since Allah only existed in the MIND of Muhammad, there is, of course, no image of Allah.  So, it seems to me, for someone to suggest that Islam is a religion… is quite a stretch, if we try to compare Islam with Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and so forth.

Clearly, for anyone to say that Islam is a “religion,” makes a mockery of all religions that seek to help mankind live a more peaceful life, and to live lives intended to praise a God of Love.  Now, if one says that Satanism is a “religion,” then Islam might be included in that grouping. But to say that Satanism is a religion is patently foolish, and mocks both religion and God.  A tribe, group, cult, or collection of people does not a religion make.  At least it should not be called by the term “religion”.

So, let all people who love God, not profane the term religion, nor play the fool by pretending that scriptures which glorify murdering of all innocent people an important part of ones belief system be thought of as a religion!  Clearly Islam is not a religion, but is a philosophy of murder, violence and hate… All are aspects of Satan, but not of God.


Brother James

The TRUTH About Islam

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