How Christianity Differs from Islam

Aside from the fact Christianity began as the disciples of Christ began to write about Christ, which was about 500 years before Muhammad copied bits and pieces of their writings, the essential difference between Christianity and Islam is what formed each?

That is, Christ repeatedly said that what he said was what he was given to say, which was from his Father, God. On the other hand, Muhammad said he was a messenger of god. Or put another way, Christ was born Jesus, the “son of God,” whose coming had been predicted long before Jesus was born.  On the other hand, Muhammad declared himself a messenger of god, not unlike what Homer did with his writings about the gods of Mount Olympus.

Perhaps the crucial difference between Jesus and Muhammad lies in the fact that Jesus was given Initiation by John the Baptist [the awakening of Spirit Within the man Jesus], as prescribed by the basic Law of Creation [that every living Master must be Initiated by a Perfect Living Master], which is the awakening of Spirit within a person].  Whereas, Muhammad declared himself enlightened.

The result is… Christianity was based on Spiritual Truth, that is, the teaching of Christ (who was Initiated by John the Baptist), which converted Jesus into Christ, the “son” of God [or the fulfillment of the mystical phrase “God made flesh”].  On the other hand, Islam is based on non-Spiritual verbiage [words not alluding to an invisible  Spiritual Reality], but simply based on what Muhammad found intellectually useful [by his limited understanding of] the written words of Christ’s disciples, plus Muhammad’s own ideas of what could be used to force compliance of people so that he might rule over them?  In essence, around the year 570, more or less, we have good vs evil being instituted by Muhammad in the form of the Quran, or the book of Islam.

The MIND of Muhammad vs the Spirituality of God as conveyed by Christ to his disciples via Empathetic understanding, which was heard by the masses as parables.  Muhammad saw the parables and mistakenly believed the parables were the teaching of Christ. The only type of people on Earth who can “see” the invisible Reality  to which the verbiage of Christ pointed, are highly Enlightened individuals. Alas, Muhammad was not highly Enlightened, other- wise he would not have engaged in and encouraged the barbaric and violent rhetoric of the Quran.

You see, Christ came into the Earth specifically to awaken Man to the Spirituality of God, and to encourage Man to put down hatred, violence, and ignorance.  Or, the very things Muhammad put into the Quran, which simply continued the MIND-level brutality of the old testament… which was written for a very ignorant, barbaric and developing human race.  Muhammad could not “see” the invisible Spirituality that Christ pointed to for those Enlightened enough to “see” and to “hear” via Empathetic [Spiritual] Intuition.

So, the Quran of Islam was perfect for a primitive, barbaric race of Man.  However, it has no place in the modern world, unless people can be brutalized, and kept in a subservient, ignorant, and fearful condition, and also kept in a godless level of development.

Islam encourages its low-intelligence adherents to practice physical ritual five times a day, in hopes this will keep them too busy to educate or empower themselves individually.  Islam is of the MIND, which is often an agent of Kal, or Satan. Again, Islam is useful to control primitive people, but it is destructive in the world of today, and it is the complete antithesis  of what God needs for Man today.

Peace, Brother James

How Christianity Differs from Islam

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