Mystical Insights from the East..a series, #1

This series will consist of my quoting a passage from a book written by a mystic, and then attempting to explain what that passage means in regular or intellectual terms. This is an attempt, in other words, to explain that which cannot really be conveyed in words, but must be comprehended by the faculty of Intuition.

…Intuition being a faculty of ones Spiritual dimension, and Intuition is also an ability that results from ones Soul accumulating what I refer to as C’etc.

The reader would be justified in wondering who I imagine myself to be to suggest doing this?  Well, there is a certain amount of ego in my doing this, no doubt.  But, after 43 years trying to do this for myself.. I believe I can at least explain what I believe I have come to comprehend… regarding the difference between mysticism and intellectualism.

And, perhaps being aware of the danger of increasing my ego [or increasing my attachment to what my MIND believes itself capable of doing], will be somewhat mitigated by helping someone awaken to the mystical aspects of him/herself?   Or, perhaps my thinking this is merely my MIND feeding my brain Delusional Thinking [D-Think], thus causing my brain to rationalize doing what I am doing?

Have I lost the reader already?

Part of the problem with attempting to share the generally unknown mystical elements of Man with people… is that quite often people fail to comprehend what I am saying [which is my attempt to put into cognitive terms (brain-level thinking), phenomena that cannot be known by the physical brain].

You see [or perhaps you do not ‘see’], unless one has a working understanding of the whole of Man, and how the whole of Man is structured, people are caused to believe that being confused is normal… Rather than realizing that intellectual confusion is “normal,” but such confusion is a lack of ‘experiential insight’ [Spiritual Evolution] that prevents an individual from possessing the “Knowledge” with which to realize that Man is composed of four [simultaneously existing], vibrational dimensions, three of which are Esoteric, or invisible to the brain and physical senses.

You see, despite the statement that all men are created equal [being true when all Souls initially entered the Creation], after a single lifetime on Earth, this equality is no longer applicable to Souls that have not [as yet] experienced Earth. Of course the Energy of every Soul is the same.. however,  attached to each Soul is what I refer to as the Apapsyche [Operational Energy of the Soul], which allows a Soul to relate to the Creation  [what I refer to as the Apapsyche might well be what the mystics refer to as the ‘Higher MIND’]?  Although I do believe there is a subtle difference between the Apapsyche and what I have read regarding the Higher MIND.  In any case, the Energy of NSgy is distinguished by the term “Neutral”.

What do you know that is Neutral?  NSgy is, I believe, the primordial Energy of existence.  And neutral, at least to me, means nothing, nata, or not having a form that can be identified.  In the Bible, I believe the term “Spirit” refers to what I refer to as NSgy.  And in the Bible, it is said that one must relate to God in the “Spirit”. I believe this means that to commune with God, one’s Attn Aspect of Apapsyche must be located in ones Spiritual dimension.  And what I just wrote is quite meaningless to all but someone who is quite familiar with my work, my symbols, and my writing. Or, I imagine… someone who is Enlightened might be familiar with [and thus capable of Intuitively Knowing] the invisible aspects of Man.

Is it not reasonable that to speak of the unknown of Man, one would of necessity have to create or coin terms that would point to and stand for certain aspects of the unknown that the brain cannot perceive, and for which there are no current “abstract terms”?

Who do you know, for instance, that has met a Soul?  And yet, everyone you speak to will believe that he or she knows what a Soul is?  Such a belief is an example of Delusional Thinking, or D-Think which the MIND subtle [secretly] provides the brain… [research Dm=SI], without the brain realizing that it only “thinks” it knows what it knows.

Well, if this was useful at all… I am pleased.  This blog does indicate the nature of this series.  So, be forewarned.


Brother James

Mystical Insights from the East..a series, #1

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