Mystical Insight… #3

From Light on Sant Mat, by Maharaj Charan Singh.

From Glossary: “Yog or Yoga … Literally means union: Esoterically, spiritual exercise; practice; meditation in the spiritual sense; any system which heads to or aims at the union of the soul with God.”

There are many forms of yoga, but only one form of yoga actually leads to “union with God”.  And that form is called Surat Shabd Yoga, or Yoga of the Soul and Sound Current.

And this takes us back to the basic structure of the whole of Man.  The whole of Man is composed of four simultaneously existing, and yet entirely separate vibrational dimensions, only one of which is capable of being known by ones brain [which is a most marvelous electro-physical muscle], that can perceive that which is physical, tangible, or is represented by an abstract term or terms that the brain can think about and hold in cerebral memory.

But… and here is the subtle existence of a reality that most people fail to realize:  That is… the physical brain, being confined to that which is physical, is incapable of perceiving the vibrational [non-physical] energies of the other three dimension of Man. These other vibrational dimensions of Man are:  The Lower MIND, representing the Astral region of Creation; the Higher MIND, representing the Causal region of Creation; and the Soul, which represents the Spiritual dimension of Life,or Reality… and is, in actuality, an aspect of the primordial Energy of existence.

So, the purpose of Yoga, at least Spiritual Yoga, is to find a way for one’s Soul to return to God.  And this ‘way’ is called Surat Shabd Yog, or Yoga of the Sound Current.  And ‘Sound Current’ refers to the primordial Energy of existence… which… Like Truth, Reality, and Spirituality, ONLY exist Within the Spiritual dimension –the vibrational nature of which cannot exist on any dimension other than the Spiritual dimension itself.

So, for a Soul to experience Spiritual Energy, that Soul must experience its own Energy, which ONLY exists in a dimension ONLY open to that which is PURE Spiritual Energy.   And this takes us to the war between “good and evil” that exists Within every human being…whether a person is aware of this war or not, it is active Within oneself.  And this ‘war’ is actually between the MIND that was attached to ones Soul when ones Soul first entered the Creation, and the Spiritual nature of ones Soul… that remains hidden from that Soul until that Soul has “earned” the right to regain awareness of its Spiritual nature — or put another way, until a Soul can rise above the illusions operated by the MIND.

And the process by which a Soul ‘earns’ the right to awaken to its own Energy is called the Law of Karma.  The Law of Karma is a unique design by God, which is the means by which every Soul is slowly working its way up the Ladder of Life, the end of which is full Enlightenment;  or an awakening to what I refer to as Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy, my label for the primordial Energy of existence.

For example, the term “Soul” is an abstract term.  It is abstract because the term Soul [being a made-up word]  cannot convey what the Soul is, but only presents us with an abstract term that stands for, or points to the [supposed] existence of a Soul; which one believes to exist, or one is unsure if it exists [an agnostic view], or one does not believe the Soul exists [which is the view of an Atheist].

And each person “believes” in the Soul, or in God,  based on the Spiritual Evolution acquired by the Soul of that person… as a consequence of having engaged in, and successfully “completed” a certain amount of the Virtues of Life?  Or what I refer to as “C’etc,” which is pronounced “C_etcetera”. And C’etc stands for Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding. And these are my labels for the Virtues of Life, and other people have presented their own labels.

Regardless of the names for these Virtues, these Virtues represent the result of many lifetimes of doing Karma, and having “completed” certain aspects of Karma… which means obtaining an experiential Knowledge of certain bits of Truth, which means an understanding of both the Yin [female and emotional nature] and  Yang [the male and physical nature] of Life. Until one actually, that is, personally experiences… the Karma that adds up to Enlightenment, one does not possess Enlightenment.  My name for this process is the term ‘Esotransmutation‘.

Enlightenment is not an intellectual process, in other words, it is strictly experiential [involving the whole of Man], and it manifests to oneself via ones faculty of Intuition, which is an aspect of ones Spiritual dimension…which many people deny as existing.  As one acquires bits of Truth as a consequence of completing Karma, these bits of Truth are stored Within what I refer to as ‘Apapsyche,’ or The Operational Energy of ones Soul.  And they are made available to one via ones faculty of Intuition… when it is time for one to awaken to such Truth?


Brother James

Mystical Insight… #3

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