An Act of Brutality…revisited

Yesterday, I was shocked by the children of Senator and Mrs. Cruz, being ridiculed and savaged by a person named Ann Telnase, a cartoonist who makes fun of people for a living.

After venting my reaction, and a number of hours being with my reaction… and some time spent in meditation this morning, I want to apologize to my followers, and to anyone who might have read my tweets… for a reaction based on my own childhood, and not based on a higher perspective of understanding.

That is, my reaction was to try and shield the innocent children from what I perceived as an attack by a thoughtless, mean-spirited female, who used her talent to intentionally hurt children.  In my view this is what happened.  However, what would cause an adult female to want to harm children is the more important issue, I believe.  And that is what I want to try and diagnose.

There are, of course, adult human beings whose childhood was one that we might describe as ‘damaging’ to the psyche of the person as a child. My own childhood was such a childhood.   Fortunately, when I was 43 years of age,  I re-visited a core piece of repressed trauma [between my mother and myself], that caused my MIND to “protect” me by separating me from  my own emotionality from age 3 [when it occurred], to age 43, when I underwent Gestalt Psychotherapy.

It is the nature of psychology that it is created by a person’s MIND [which is not the brain], at the time of ones birth. That is, ones MIND creates a fully non-conscious self-view — which is composed of misperceptions taken-on by ones MIND… and these are drawn from the repressed emotions of ones mother [and father if he is present]?  And then these basic  misperceptions [which are virtually always negative],  are reinforced by significant events in ones childhood. These external events DO NOT CAUSE our problems, they merely reinforce and exacerbate our non-conscious self-view. This happens to each human being, but modern mental health discounts this… due to the mistaken notions of B.F. Skinner, in the early 1900s, in which he denied the existence of the MIND… due to his own fear of his own MIND. Explained in my book: Death of Psychology that nobody noticed.

The most difficult task of a parent is the non-conscious [which means unknown] impact the parent has on the MIND of his or her children?  Again, due to the ignorance of modern mental health regarding the psychology of the child, and how the MIND of the child misperceives events in the child’s early life, many children are on drugs… only because too many in mental health know nothing about the MIND?

My point is that Ms. Telnase, has a repressed psychology that allows her to use children as objects through which she projects her own repressed rage… in a misguided and delusional belief that she is being funny.  This is not unusual in people, and it manifests itself in many different ways.  In some black youth, it manifests in killing other black youth.  In Mexican youth it manifests in gangs where the most seriously deranged among them threaten other non-consciously enraged youth to savage people to “prove” their manhood.  This is the origin of youth with repressed self-loathing going around trying to knock out old people, to “prove” to themselves they possess some value.  Sad, but inevitable given what passes for “psychology” today.

In some ‘comedians,’ is a non-conscious need to project their own pain and self-loathing by mocking, belittling, and crucifying people who are silly enough to “think” that being maligned is funny.

In some people, this need to “vent” the negative energy being generated within themselves is manifested by them withdrawing from life, and pulling into themselves, and secretly self-punishing themselves in behaviors like homelessness, continually making mistakes, or hurting themselves.  Other people continually drink to excess, smoke too much, use drugs too much, and engage in behaviors that cause others to condemn them, or scorn them… which is a means of self-punishing themselves for intensely negative [and fully non-conscious] self-views held by their MINDs]… and once again… these are composed of negative misperceptions acquired by these people in early childhood.

All of this negativity can be corrected, or much of it could be, if the field of mental health could disengage itself from the mistaken notions of B.F. Skinner, and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”.  But the practice of “psychology” is today an exercise in Intellectualism [or denial of the MIND and emotion], and it is so well entrenched, it looks like it will not change before this Age ends.

So, that is my rant for today.  An apology for getting angry, and an attempt to share something about the psychology of Man at the same time.  Being a good human being is not an easy thing to do.  And for those engaged in professions, or activities which are not kind, well, recognizing that what one does is harmful to others… might be a fist step in helping oneself?


Brother James

An Act of Brutality…revisited

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