What Does Meditation Mean?

Despite what the dictionary definition of meditation might say, the mystical meaning of meditation is to withdraw ones attention from the body, and fix it at the ‘eye center,’ which is also known as the “tisra til,” or ‘center eye,’ or the phrase: “If thine eye be centered…thy whole body shall be filled with light”.

And the ‘eye center’ is the mystical designation for where the “door”… spoken of in “knock and it shall be opened unto you,” is located Within Man.  And, for those familiar with my work, the term Within, in bold and italic, always refers to phenomena that exists inside of Man that the brain and physical senses cannot perceive.

So, Within Man, there is an opening, which the Bible refers to in the statement, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle,  than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”. In this often repeated statement, the meaning is that it is the attachment of the rich man to mammon “his wealth,” that prevents him from  withdrawing  his ‘attention’ Within himself, and fear of loss of his wealth prevents him from putting his attention fully on God, or salvation.

Although well-meaning, many clerics, or people who speak about God… fail to place proper emphasis on the EITHER-OR factor of Spirituality. That is, no part of the physical dimension [or ones attachment to the things of this Earth], including ones family, or fellow man… will accompany one through the doorway leading to Spirituality.  It is this unique REALITY of the Spiritual realm that the Bible speaks of as God being a jealous God.  God is not jealous, but mystics in the past, seeking to emphasize this point about Spirituality being exclusive… mistakenly spoke of God as being a jealous God. God is Love, and the Love of God is Absolute. The Spiritual realm is ABSOLUTELY Pure, just like the Soul, and nothing but Spiritual Energy can exist there, or enter therein.

Therefore, any and all attachments one has created [Idolatry], will keep one tied down to the illusion of life… period.  Meditation is specifically designed to help one free oneself from the many Karmic attachments one has ‘created’ by use of one’s own Spiritual Energy. We are attached to our creations and desires… and meditation is needed because each attachment one has requires ones own Spiritual Energy to maintain.

God is Whole, and each attachment one has is a subtraction of ones whole. To see God, one must be whole.  No exceptions to this Law.

In other words, meditation is the means of slowly pulling ones own Spiritual Energy back to oneself, which means withdrawing it from everything one is attached to.  How effective one is… depends upon how deep-seated are one’s attachments?  And most people are very attached to the things of this world.

And now you know what keeps we Souls continually reincarnating into this physical plane.  Unfortunately, we tend to create more attachments than we can get rid of each birth we have. Pray for God’s Grace in helping you detach from everything that keeps you from placing all your love on God.


Brother James

What Does Meditation Mean?

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