My Challenge to the Atheist [Intelack] Personality…

The non-believer [which simply means the person whose Soul is not as yet mature enough to comprehend elements of Life that are not confined to the physical dimension of existence], has been allowed by more Enlightened individuals to bully them by the intense level of fear contained Within the Intelack type personality.  But, what do I mean, right?

First of all, the term “Intelack” refers to those people who look just like other human beings, and yet, the Intelack type personality is someone whose Soul is early in its development.  That is… such Souls are early-on in their development of Consciousness, or what I refer to as “C’etc,”  [which also needs to be defined so that we all know what I am talking about]?

 My work for many years now has been based on two basic assumptions regarding Life, or Reality… which means including the whole of Life, as opposed to just the physical dimension, which is what I refer to as the illusion of life. And the whole of Life means including both the Law of Karma and that of Reincarnation as elements in ones thoughts regarding the Reality of Life.

Now, the Intelack type personality is a Soul that has not had a sufficient number of lifetimes to enable it to awaken to a level of C’etc [or Knowledge of Reality] to perceive the whole of Reality. As a consequence, the Intelack type person is unable to make use of the super subtle faculty of Intuition, or use of what I refer to as ones Apapsyche [Operational Energy of ones Soul]… which enables the Enlightened type person to “see” and “hear” bits of Truth… that are limited to ONLY those Souls that have made such progress: Which is actually Spiritual Progress.

So… my challenge to the Atheist is to prove that what the Enlightened type people are capable of Knowing via Intuition, does not exist.  I mean, I believe it is well past time that we Enlightened people cease being bullied by Intelack people simply because the Intelack has an intense fear of the unknown.

In other words, it is time to stop “taking care of Intelack type people,” by apologizing for possessing a higher level of Consciousness than the Intelack is capable of enjoying.  Let we Enlightened people stop playing dumb, in other words.  Let us cease apologizing for God, and for what God provides we Enlightened individuals.

I believe the present plight of America, in which a godless Intelack in the Presidency is destroying America, has gone far enough.  It is time for the Enlightened in the nation to insist that Obama resign, or be impeached for Treason.  Or have our splendid military exercise a Coup, and then a national election, in which we can reverse our slide into  the abyss of Satan… that we are currently allowing to take place.

In any case, for those who are Spiritually awakened, maintain your love of God with pride and confidence.  This illusion is the pits, and it is currently so overrun by corrupt Souls that it will take enormous effort to right this floundering nation.

Pray continually for God’s help, and do your part in refusing to play Satan’s game of let’s pretend everything is OK.  Time to praise God as the only way for this nation to proceed.


Brother James

My Challenge to the Atheist [Intelack] Personality…

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