Regarding Judgment…

In the Bible, we are warned against judgment.. and yet, we are also told to resist evil.  How can one do the one, and not the other? Must one not, of necessity, judge evil to resist it?  Or, is it possible to recognize  evil and not judge it?

Matthew 7:1   Judge not, that you be not judged.

Is this warning referring to an act of evil… or to what causes one to engage in evil?  And what is the difference?

When we observe or hear about an act of evil, how many of you realize that the observed act is the result of evil, not itself evil? That is… the act of evil is the result of a person being required to engage in evil… by a MIND that is obeying the Law of Karma, as the Law provides the evil-doer a “lesson” in Life. And the act is but one side of that “lesson”.  The consequences of the act being the backside of the “lesson”.

And the nature of the “Law” always has a consequence side, always!  As ye sow, so shall ye reap is an Absolute Law.

Every act of evil has both a Yang [or action side], and a Yin [reaction side], and it is the reaction side of evil that we normally do not “see”.  And so, the admonition of not judging speaks to the Law, and not to the act.  It is for the wise to realize that no act of evil goes “unnoticed,”  “unrewarded,” nor “un-judged”.  The Law of Karma is an Absolute Law laid down by God in the beginning of Creation.

Since the time the Energy God projected into the Creation first formed entities capable of action on the Earth, the Law of Karma has been in effect, operational, and unavoidable.  The Law of Karma is one of two basic laws which are Absolute in the Creation.   The second basic law is that of Reincarnation.

Once a Soul chooses to explore “Life,”  it becomes subject to the Law of Karma.  So, there is no Soul on Earth that has not chosen to be here.  And all Souls are subject to both the Law of Karma, and to Reincarnation, or the cycle of death and re-birth.

So, the warning not to judge… is simply a reminder that every action in Creation is JUDGED BY THE VERY ACTION ITSELF.

If one is wise, therefore, one observes an evil person and avoids such a person, since it is only a matter of time until that person experiences the REAPING CONSEQUENCES OF his, her or its actions… and you don’t want to be part of that, perhaps?


Brother James


Regarding Judgment…

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