What’s the difference between O’s Czars, & Trumps Czars?

Obama [well actually guided by Soros imagesand Valerie Jarrett,


both of whom gave O the names of people who were trusted Marxists who, like O, hated America]. Soros because this is how he makes his money.  That is, by manipulating the stock market, he slowly makes billions of dollars [this is what Trump will do as well].

O’s Czars hate America [which is a symbol of personal effort and responsibility… which requires a belief in God to sustain], and  due to an immature [sophomoric and non-conscious] level of Consciousness… which keeps them fixated in the Delusional ideas of Marxism…  [Greed, Envy & fear of personal responsibility]… masked by the  Utopian belief that elitists [like themselves] are needed to run government… the masses, in other words, exist only to be exploited.  This delusional thinking does not exist in a vacuum, of course.

The ‘unknown’ driver behind this type of thinking  is ‘psychological compensation for an insecure psyche’. Trump is also driven to “win” by this same deeply repressed psychological driver:  In Trump’s case, perhaps a need to prove his father wrong for making him [Trump] attend a boarding school to learn discipline, has resulted in a personality that seeks to Dominate everyone is a natural way for a low-level psychotic to “prove” to himself that his father was wrong?  Cooperation by such a person would look like:  Either my way, or the highway!

Trump produced a TV show based on this psychological quirk of his personality, did he not?  And, anyone who would resist such a tyrant type personality would be seen as an enemy to be crushed.

Obama himself hates America for two reasons:  Both of which are more sub-conscious than known by his conscious awareness; O was “taught”from a very early age the merits of Communism [for which his father abandoned him at age 3] by Frank Marshal,Unknown-6 and his mother… and his grand parents [who were white] were dedicated Socialist-Communists themselves.  It is quite likely the 3-year old believed that for his dad, Communism and destroying “colonialists” was more important than himself… since his dad  [who loved Islam and Communism more than his son] abandoned him for Communist revolution in Africa.

I believe in his book, Obama mentions a belief that  America and Great Britain are responsible for the death of his dad in Africa, where O believes his dad was killed  by MI-6 and CIA, for instigating Communist revolution. Is this the reason Obama, upon entering the WH, sent the bronze bust of Winston Churchill back to Great Britain?  An outward sign of the hatred O has for both nations.  It is likely the Constitution of America that O enjoys ignoring and dismissing with his illegal Executive Orders?  Gives him a sense of power without having to fight for it.

In NYC,  which is strongly a Union city, a business person must grease the palm of the Union if one wants to get anything done. Trump is very successful in doing this, and think about this closed shop Unionism being unleashed by Trump upon America, what impact would this have on small businesses?

So, what is the difference between Trump and Obama, relative to how Trump will impact America?   Obama is, in my opinion, mildly insane, and quite a fearful person, who is unable to take responsibility for anything.  And this resulted in his handing over to Jarrett and his Marxist Czars… the decisions of government.  Which is why the things Liberals hate are being eliminated in America:  Military, responsibility, Conscience, and God.  And why Muslim Brotherhood agents are holding positions of responsibility in the American government [friends of Jarrett, who is a Muslim herself].

What will Trump pursue when he has the same Executive Orders to use?  Expect a great many restraints on Wall Street to be removed;  Expect a major new Agency dealing with Contracts to be established, where Unions must be included in all contracts with government.  Expect billions of dollars to be handed over to his colleagues who will be charged with “improving” the VA. And these billions of dollars will come from higher taxes upon each and every citizen.  Which would  mean the IRS would be expanded, not eliminated.

And guess who would be the most favored of the Attorneys General under Trump? Unions, Banks, financial empires, and Trump’s personal need for more land… which will be quietly bought up by eminent domain, with taxpayer dollars, which will mysteriously be converted to the private accounts of Trump International Headquarters.

Trump will also now have Air Force One to use as his own private means of transportation … thus he can still [secretly] continue to head his now increasing enterprises, at taxpayer expense.

And will his wife be content at making a garden in the rose garden? Not likely, is it?  She can now jet-set around the world, purchasing new things for the Trump White House… at taxpayer expense of course.

So, by all means, let the greed, hate, and envy of America reach a new height… as the elites become wealthy, and the masses pay more and more just to survive.  What a lovely future Trump offers a nation drunk on hatred, envy, and greed.

Sorry, this is  not my idea of an America worth saving.

Brother James


What’s the difference between O’s Czars, & Trumps Czars?

Strange Difference Between Truth and Relative Truth

The reason relative truth seems like Truth to some people is that all the brain will every experience is what it can perceive, which is information having to do with this physical plane.  In other words… Actual Truth exists in a vibrational plane that is too subtle for the brain to perceive… [what can experience Truth is one’s Intuition].

So, if you are yourself Enlightened to some “degree,” then to that exact degree, you will “hear” and “see” that level of truth.  And if you are really Enlightened, then you will “see” and “hear” [capital “T” Truth].  But those capable  of this are rare.

And if you know someone who tends to speak Truth, then by all means try and spend time with that person.

images-1 Brother James

Strange Difference Between Truth and Relative Truth

Is Evolution more like evolving?

A low-level life form on Earth [that is determined to be alive], differs from a human being in what basic, fundamental, and important way?

And let us be more specific in this inquiry by specifying what that low-level life form is?  Let us say, for the sake of argument, that the low-level life form is an ant. And, let us briefly ask this question, as well?  Are all human beings the same?

That is, when the fella says:  “But that’s like arguing apples and oranges,” does that fella mean to suggest that all apples are the same, and all oranges are the same?  And, why do we not specify precisely what kind of apple, or what kind of ant we are talking about?  Or, for that matter, what kind of human being are we talking about?

When a company that sells coffee wants to obtain a statement from someone regarding how tasty a particular brand of coffee is,  do they solicit that statement from someone who doesn’t drink coffee, or someone who drinks coffee daily? And do we assume they use all the results of their inquiry?

How many people walking across a lovely field of wild flowers realize how many ants they are crushing on the ground, which action is hidden by the flowers?  Why are those ants on the ground?  Should human beings not be allowed to walk across fields, since there may be ants in those fields?

Finally, is the person working for the Environment Protection Agency [whose mental state causes him to believe ants, because they are a lower life form, should have a more protected life than that of  human beings],  be allowed to govern the lives of human beings based on the nature of his beliefs?

My question is this:   Does Truth exist on this physical plane of existence?  And if not, is chaos an acceptable alternative, or merely a fortuitous opportunity for people whose evolution is far from evolved?

Peace, Brother James


Is Evolution more like evolving?

More words of Wisdom…

This morning, I read these words, from Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji, a Spiritual Master who wrote this in the early 1960s.

“If the human form is the top of creation, it is for the single reason that man has the capacity to catch the Shabd and rise on it to reach his origin.  If this has not been done, man has missed the golden opportunity and has remained a two-legged animal, a slave of the senses and the objects of senses, like other forms of creation.  He will be Man when he has risen above the senses; when he is no long a slave of lust, anger, greed, attachment, and pride; when he has made his mind motionless; when he has entered the third eye and heard the bell.”

The term ‘shabd’ used by Master Sawan Singh, is the same thing that the Bible speaks of as the ‘Word’.  And the phrase “missed the golden opportunity” speaks to the Purpose of Life, which is rarely spoken of in the West.

By suggesting that Man can ‘rise above the senses,’ Master Sawan Singh was reminding the reader that ‘doing so’ is the Purpose of Life, and ONLY possible as a human being.

The book:  Spiritual Gems.  Available: Science of the Soul Study Center, 2415 East Washington Street, Petaluma, CA 94954.

Peace, Brother James

More words of Wisdom…

Concept of ‘Attachment’

One of the areas where Eastern mysticism and the principles of the Bible coincide is in the concept of Attachment.  In the Bible the rich man was told that it was his attachment to wealth that prevented him from following Christ.  In mysticism, this is explained as one remains stuck on the Ladder of Life by what one focuses upon, and desires,  that are not Spiritual in nature?

In Buddhism, the Monk is told, when death approaches, to remain in meditation and focused upon the Lord, and upon the Temple to which one is a member.  The idea being, that the Soul naturally goes where ones thoughts are focused, and this will assure that one is reincarnated in the area of the Temple.  Why is this?

The MIND, which is attached to ones Soul,  is an exquisite machine, so to speak.  It is, in fact,  a creative instrument which uses your own Spiritual Energy to form its desires you have approved and desired through your attachment to them.  Of course this occurs at levels of which we are not cognitively aware.

It might be said that the MIND is an alchemist of sorts, in that it can manifest in physical form phenomena your MIND desires to experience, but your MIND can do nothing on its own… it must borrow Spiritual Energy from your Soul, and  convert this Spiritual Energy into physical phenomena… that it causes one’s ego to desire.  And as long as the attachment for the things of mammon remains, ones Soul is diminished by the amount of Energy that was required to create what one now possesses in the physical form.  This then forms an “attachment” to the things of the world, or to the illusion of life.

A basic principle of all mystics is that it is ones load of Karma [Attachments] that prevents ones Soul from rising up the Ladder of Life.  Another way of saying this is that only the Pure Energy of the Soul can rise to the top of the Ladder of Life.  And not unlike Jacob Marley in Scrooge, the dissociated bits of ones own Spiritual Energy in the form of attachments to the things of the world hold one stuck on the Ladder of Life.

One might ask… in what way is diminishing ones Spiritual Energy  making progress toward one growing and creating one’s  Spiritual evolution?  And the answer to this question immediately shifts one into the realm of mysticism, and the generally unknown area of Reality, and… causes one to consider questioning the Purpose of Life?  In the East, it is said that the goal of the Soul [that has committed to Life, which means the cycle of birth and death], is to to create, explore, experience, and ultimately ‘complete’ Karma.

And the ‘completion’ of Karma means to both create it, and to have that created Karma come back to oneself, if speaking of actions.  If speaking of attachment to the things of this world, one must “learn” over time the “cost” of attachment:  By having ones attachments stolen, broken, or with people, having them die, or simply abandon one.  The mystics tell us it takes many, many lifetimes to “learn” that the cost of attachment is always loss, pain, and sorrow.

We are also told that the only way to rise above attachment [which means desires] is to rise above ones MIND.  And one does this by meditation designed to transfer ones Spiritual Energy from the world, back to ones Soul, and thence, upward… but that to successfully accomplish this task, one requires a Perfect Living Master. Alas, few in the world are prone to believe this.


Brother James

Concept of ‘Attachment’

Few Words This AM from new book

You see… at the time of each death, what dies is ones physical body, brain, personality, and ones psychology. When one is reincarnated, one has a new brain, a new personality to “fit” the specific Fate Karma one has chosen, and a new psychology to serve the Fate Karma one has chosen.

So, since the West… following the teachings of the early Popes [who many say removed or altered the scriptures], we in the West are denied certain facts of Life. We are not taught about the Law of Karma or that of Reincarnation, and the Law of Karma is important is because it determines whether a person realizes the REASONS one needs to believe in God. This lack of proper education regarding the Reality of Life impacts us in that it makes us blind to Reality. We simply do not “see” what the Reality of Life is, which means we are not aware of the Purpose of Life, nor do we see how we “fit” into Life, nor do we comprehend the REASONS we need to avoid evil… which is contained in the saying:  As you sow, so shall you reap!

And lacking this personal view of Reality makes eliminating ‘personal responsibility’ much easier for Intelack type people, who, unknown to themselves, intensely fear Truth, Reality, and God, and thus…they do everything they can to eliminate Truth, Reality, and God from our lives… along with the crucial and practical reasons for we Souls to maintain our faith in, and devotion to… God.  And neither are we told that certain [Intelack] people will not change in this lifetime… since they came into this life to explore and experience evil [unknown to themselves at a cognitive level, of course].

The individual war between the evil of ones MIND and the good of ones Soul is greatly hampered by the D-Think of the Intelack type people who are generally quite dedicated to the denial of God, religion, and personal responsibility in life.
So, when we let the behavior, ideas, and actions of the Intelack people slide… we unwittingly encourage them to engage in more evil… and this is always the case.


Brother James

Few Words This AM from new book