What I find interesting, and disturbing at the same time is the fact that any Christian would not KNOW that Homosexuality, Sodomy, and sex trafficking in children are all immoral, and clearly stated abominations to God.

A question any sane person must ask him/herself is this:  What does Islam, Sodomy and Homosexuality all have in common?  What they share in common is a denial of God and a lack of Conscience [Conscience being one of the Virtues we Souls are supposed to be acquiring as part of the Purpose of Life].  What “causes” a person to lack Conscience is a question virtually no one in the West seems to ask?  And since modern mental health denies the MIND of Man [a hangover from the delusional thinking of Skinner, in the early 1900s], the “cause” behind evil unfortunately remains a question most people are taught to ignore by a certain class of person whose fear of recognizing the “cause” [unknown to them] dominates their reasoning.  Hint:  How many in science and education are dedicated to God, as opposed to being dedicated to their MINDs and thinking… as in Intellectualism?

There is a reason the Bible refers to life on Earth today as the “end time”.  It is a time when the Spirit of Satan is most active in the MINDs of those whose Souls have not [as yet] acquired the level of Consciousness that would enable these people to use their Consciousness to recognize, ignore, and resist the evil of their MINDs.

To be a human being is to face the constant challenge of the war between good and evil, which takes place [invisibly]  Within ones own MIND, and is thence acted out in thoughts which create and support behavior.  This means evil thoughts and actions are supported by a MIND’s natural desires.  And there is no option nor alternative to this fact, although when those in society tasked with informing humanity of how evil works through the MIND refuse to inform humanity… Or like modern mental health… just denies the MIND entirely… well then,  the result is a level of ignorance in Man that is vulnerable to evil.

When this denial of the MIND of Man by mental health is coupled with a clergy that places humanism above God, a society vulnerable to evil is inevitable.

Islam, in its inception, wrapped itself in the appearance of a religion.  But it is not a religion of love [as in love of God], it is a religion dedicated to Control of people by threat, murder, abuse of women, lying, cheating, and perversion.  It is a male-dominated, state-operated form of government, where those individuals who are most crazed with a need to dominate others [due to a basic sense of emotional inadequacy] seek to play upon the fears of others by the use of violence.  Islam appears to be an organized form of encouraging the free expression of hate, intolerance, brutality, and a love of ignorance.

In an America that has slowly been taken over by political correctness [which means restricting the normal behavior of male energy] encouraged by females that harbor a desire to be male… the result is a confusion of the sexes… which is a perfect environment for the illness of Homosexuality to spread.  And for a perfect environment for a nation to elect a sexually confused President Obama, Within whom exists non-conscious needs to seek revenge for the death of his muslim marxist father who Obama believes was killed in Africa by the CIA.  And whose father hated America and Great Britain, which his father thought of as ‘colonialists’… an anathema to Communists like Obama and his father.

So, Homosexuality is simply a vile, sick, sexual illness that is natural among people whose Souls are early in their process of maturation.  It is an evil self-created identity by the MIND of a person whose confusion is capitalized upon by an infected Homosexual, who preys upon those with weak Souls and sexually vulnerable MINDs… which are found among children with parents who are to some degree cut off from their own emotional needs.

What is wrong with the disease of Homosexuality is that if it is not caught and cured early in its infestation by competent psychotherapy, it will often destroy the person who is infected, and damage that person’s family as well.  And any child that comes in contact with the Homosexual family member is in danger of being infected.  And being an abomination to God, the illness of Homosexuality will require a long stint in some Hell specifically designed to remove the insane idea of Homosexuality permanently.  Those people who are accused of being homophobic are likely people who were re-educated in such a Hell, and now they strongly resist the illness, not wanting to experience such a hell again.

If you are a Christian, and your congregation is tolerant of the disease of Homosexuality, I would recommend you leave that church as quickly as you can.  Its members are quite likely to be among those who will be judged as needing the lake of fire.


Brother James


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