What is Trump offering?

Today, not unlike in 1935, people who are frightened, or overwhelmed by circumstances over which they have no control… tend to listen to those people whose own fear is projected in delusional thoughts that promise great and wonderful changes for everyone. A fearful time is a perfect time for those who naturally take advantage of weaker people to gain advantage of them. If not by evil design, then as a way to vent their own anxiety.
In my opinion, this is precisely what Donal Trump is doing today. As he mocks and ridicules the Spiritual status of Ted Cruz, encouraging frightened people to hate the honesty of Cruz, while promising people that he, Trump, will do wonderful things for mankind. Hummn… not unlike what the Bible says of the Antichrist, isn’t it?

Of course I do not suggest that Trump is the Antichrist, but the similarity of brutish behavior it seems to me is likely similar.

It is difficult to be honest in Congress for Cruz, no doubt.  Just ask Lee, or … well, you get what I mean? But if America is not tired of a bully in the WH, well, it can certainly try out another.  I actually almost envy Trump having access to Executive Orders with which to bring billions of dollars to his businesses and his family.  But then, I desire to return to God, and wealth to me is not enticing at all.


Brother James

What is Trump offering?

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