Few Words This AM from new book

You see… at the time of each death, what dies is ones physical body, brain, personality, and ones psychology. When one is reincarnated, one has a new brain, a new personality to “fit” the specific Fate Karma one has chosen, and a new psychology to serve the Fate Karma one has chosen.

So, since the West… following the teachings of the early Popes [who many say removed or altered the scriptures], we in the West are denied certain facts of Life. We are not taught about the Law of Karma or that of Reincarnation, and the Law of Karma is important is because it determines whether a person realizes the REASONS one needs to believe in God. This lack of proper education regarding the Reality of Life impacts us in that it makes us blind to Reality. We simply do not “see” what the Reality of Life is, which means we are not aware of the Purpose of Life, nor do we see how we “fit” into Life, nor do we comprehend the REASONS we need to avoid evil… which is contained in the saying:  As you sow, so shall you reap!

And lacking this personal view of Reality makes eliminating ‘personal responsibility’ much easier for Intelack type people, who, unknown to themselves, intensely fear Truth, Reality, and God, and thus…they do everything they can to eliminate Truth, Reality, and God from our lives… along with the crucial and practical reasons for we Souls to maintain our faith in, and devotion to… God.  And neither are we told that certain [Intelack] people will not change in this lifetime… since they came into this life to explore and experience evil [unknown to themselves at a cognitive level, of course].

The individual war between the evil of ones MIND and the good of ones Soul is greatly hampered by the D-Think of the Intelack type people who are generally quite dedicated to the denial of God, religion, and personal responsibility in life.
So, when we let the behavior, ideas, and actions of the Intelack people slide… we unwittingly encourage them to engage in more evil… and this is always the case.


Brother James

Few Words This AM from new book

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