Concept of ‘Attachment’

One of the areas where Eastern mysticism and the principles of the Bible coincide is in the concept of Attachment.  In the Bible the rich man was told that it was his attachment to wealth that prevented him from following Christ.  In mysticism, this is explained as one remains stuck on the Ladder of Life by what one focuses upon, and desires,  that are not Spiritual in nature?

In Buddhism, the Monk is told, when death approaches, to remain in meditation and focused upon the Lord, and upon the Temple to which one is a member.  The idea being, that the Soul naturally goes where ones thoughts are focused, and this will assure that one is reincarnated in the area of the Temple.  Why is this?

The MIND, which is attached to ones Soul,  is an exquisite machine, so to speak.  It is, in fact,  a creative instrument which uses your own Spiritual Energy to form its desires you have approved and desired through your attachment to them.  Of course this occurs at levels of which we are not cognitively aware.

It might be said that the MIND is an alchemist of sorts, in that it can manifest in physical form phenomena your MIND desires to experience, but your MIND can do nothing on its own… it must borrow Spiritual Energy from your Soul, and  convert this Spiritual Energy into physical phenomena… that it causes one’s ego to desire.  And as long as the attachment for the things of mammon remains, ones Soul is diminished by the amount of Energy that was required to create what one now possesses in the physical form.  This then forms an “attachment” to the things of the world, or to the illusion of life.

A basic principle of all mystics is that it is ones load of Karma [Attachments] that prevents ones Soul from rising up the Ladder of Life.  Another way of saying this is that only the Pure Energy of the Soul can rise to the top of the Ladder of Life.  And not unlike Jacob Marley in Scrooge, the dissociated bits of ones own Spiritual Energy in the form of attachments to the things of the world hold one stuck on the Ladder of Life.

One might ask… in what way is diminishing ones Spiritual Energy  making progress toward one growing and creating one’s  Spiritual evolution?  And the answer to this question immediately shifts one into the realm of mysticism, and the generally unknown area of Reality, and… causes one to consider questioning the Purpose of Life?  In the East, it is said that the goal of the Soul [that has committed to Life, which means the cycle of birth and death], is to to create, explore, experience, and ultimately ‘complete’ Karma.

And the ‘completion’ of Karma means to both create it, and to have that created Karma come back to oneself, if speaking of actions.  If speaking of attachment to the things of this world, one must “learn” over time the “cost” of attachment:  By having ones attachments stolen, broken, or with people, having them die, or simply abandon one.  The mystics tell us it takes many, many lifetimes to “learn” that the cost of attachment is always loss, pain, and sorrow.

We are also told that the only way to rise above attachment [which means desires] is to rise above ones MIND.  And one does this by meditation designed to transfer ones Spiritual Energy from the world, back to ones Soul, and thence, upward… but that to successfully accomplish this task, one requires a Perfect Living Master. Alas, few in the world are prone to believe this.


Brother James

Concept of ‘Attachment’

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