More words of Wisdom…

This morning, I read these words, from Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji, a Spiritual Master who wrote this in the early 1960s.

“If the human form is the top of creation, it is for the single reason that man has the capacity to catch the Shabd and rise on it to reach his origin.  If this has not been done, man has missed the golden opportunity and has remained a two-legged animal, a slave of the senses and the objects of senses, like other forms of creation.  He will be Man when he has risen above the senses; when he is no long a slave of lust, anger, greed, attachment, and pride; when he has made his mind motionless; when he has entered the third eye and heard the bell.”

The term ‘shabd’ used by Master Sawan Singh, is the same thing that the Bible speaks of as the ‘Word’.  And the phrase “missed the golden opportunity” speaks to the Purpose of Life, which is rarely spoken of in the West.

By suggesting that Man can ‘rise above the senses,’ Master Sawan Singh was reminding the reader that ‘doing so’ is the Purpose of Life, and ONLY possible as a human being.

The book:  Spiritual Gems.  Available: Science of the Soul Study Center, 2415 East Washington Street, Petaluma, CA 94954.

Peace, Brother James

More words of Wisdom…

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