Is Evolution more like evolving?

A low-level life form on Earth [that is determined to be alive], differs from a human being in what basic, fundamental, and important way?

And let us be more specific in this inquiry by specifying what that low-level life form is?  Let us say, for the sake of argument, that the low-level life form is an ant. And, let us briefly ask this question, as well?  Are all human beings the same?

That is, when the fella says:  “But that’s like arguing apples and oranges,” does that fella mean to suggest that all apples are the same, and all oranges are the same?  And, why do we not specify precisely what kind of apple, or what kind of ant we are talking about?  Or, for that matter, what kind of human being are we talking about?

When a company that sells coffee wants to obtain a statement from someone regarding how tasty a particular brand of coffee is,  do they solicit that statement from someone who doesn’t drink coffee, or someone who drinks coffee daily? And do we assume they use all the results of their inquiry?

How many people walking across a lovely field of wild flowers realize how many ants they are crushing on the ground, which action is hidden by the flowers?  Why are those ants on the ground?  Should human beings not be allowed to walk across fields, since there may be ants in those fields?

Finally, is the person working for the Environment Protection Agency [whose mental state causes him to believe ants, because they are a lower life form, should have a more protected life than that of  human beings],  be allowed to govern the lives of human beings based on the nature of his beliefs?

My question is this:   Does Truth exist on this physical plane of existence?  And if not, is chaos an acceptable alternative, or merely a fortuitous opportunity for people whose evolution is far from evolved?

Peace, Brother James


Is Evolution more like evolving?

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