What’s the difference between O’s Czars, & Trumps Czars?

Obama [well actually guided by Soros imagesand Valerie Jarrett,


both of whom gave O the names of people who were trusted Marxists who, like O, hated America]. Soros because this is how he makes his money.  That is, by manipulating the stock market, he slowly makes billions of dollars [this is what Trump will do as well].

O’s Czars hate America [which is a symbol of personal effort and responsibility… which requires a belief in God to sustain], and  due to an immature [sophomoric and non-conscious] level of Consciousness… which keeps them fixated in the Delusional ideas of Marxism…  [Greed, Envy & fear of personal responsibility]… masked by the  Utopian belief that elitists [like themselves] are needed to run government… the masses, in other words, exist only to be exploited.  This delusional thinking does not exist in a vacuum, of course.

The ‘unknown’ driver behind this type of thinking  is ‘psychological compensation for an insecure psyche’. Trump is also driven to “win” by this same deeply repressed psychological driver:  In Trump’s case, perhaps a need to prove his father wrong for making him [Trump] attend a boarding school to learn discipline, has resulted in a personality that seeks to Dominate everyone is a natural way for a low-level psychotic to “prove” to himself that his father was wrong?  Cooperation by such a person would look like:  Either my way, or the highway!

Trump produced a TV show based on this psychological quirk of his personality, did he not?  And, anyone who would resist such a tyrant type personality would be seen as an enemy to be crushed.

Obama himself hates America for two reasons:  Both of which are more sub-conscious than known by his conscious awareness; O was “taught”from a very early age the merits of Communism [for which his father abandoned him at age 3] by Frank Marshal,Unknown-6 and his mother… and his grand parents [who were white] were dedicated Socialist-Communists themselves.  It is quite likely the 3-year old believed that for his dad, Communism and destroying “colonialists” was more important than himself… since his dad  [who loved Islam and Communism more than his son] abandoned him for Communist revolution in Africa.

I believe in his book, Obama mentions a belief that  America and Great Britain are responsible for the death of his dad in Africa, where O believes his dad was killed  by MI-6 and CIA, for instigating Communist revolution. Is this the reason Obama, upon entering the WH, sent the bronze bust of Winston Churchill back to Great Britain?  An outward sign of the hatred O has for both nations.  It is likely the Constitution of America that O enjoys ignoring and dismissing with his illegal Executive Orders?  Gives him a sense of power without having to fight for it.

In NYC,  which is strongly a Union city, a business person must grease the palm of the Union if one wants to get anything done. Trump is very successful in doing this, and think about this closed shop Unionism being unleashed by Trump upon America, what impact would this have on small businesses?

So, what is the difference between Trump and Obama, relative to how Trump will impact America?   Obama is, in my opinion, mildly insane, and quite a fearful person, who is unable to take responsibility for anything.  And this resulted in his handing over to Jarrett and his Marxist Czars… the decisions of government.  Which is why the things Liberals hate are being eliminated in America:  Military, responsibility, Conscience, and God.  And why Muslim Brotherhood agents are holding positions of responsibility in the American government [friends of Jarrett, who is a Muslim herself].

What will Trump pursue when he has the same Executive Orders to use?  Expect a great many restraints on Wall Street to be removed;  Expect a major new Agency dealing with Contracts to be established, where Unions must be included in all contracts with government.  Expect billions of dollars to be handed over to his colleagues who will be charged with “improving” the VA. And these billions of dollars will come from higher taxes upon each and every citizen.  Which would  mean the IRS would be expanded, not eliminated.

And guess who would be the most favored of the Attorneys General under Trump? Unions, Banks, financial empires, and Trump’s personal need for more land… which will be quietly bought up by eminent domain, with taxpayer dollars, which will mysteriously be converted to the private accounts of Trump International Headquarters.

Trump will also now have Air Force One to use as his own private means of transportation … thus he can still [secretly] continue to head his now increasing enterprises, at taxpayer expense.

And will his wife be content at making a garden in the rose garden? Not likely, is it?  She can now jet-set around the world, purchasing new things for the Trump White House… at taxpayer expense of course.

So, by all means, let the greed, hate, and envy of America reach a new height… as the elites become wealthy, and the masses pay more and more just to survive.  What a lovely future Trump offers a nation drunk on hatred, envy, and greed.

Sorry, this is  not my idea of an America worth saving.

Brother James


What’s the difference between O’s Czars, & Trumps Czars?

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