Does This Fit Trump?

I was glancing through my copy of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and came across this:

301.81  Narcissistic Personality Disorder

The essential feature is a Personality Disorder in which there are a grandiose sense of self-importance or uniqueness; preoccupation with fantasies or unlimited success; exhibitionistic need for constant attention and admiration; characteristic responses to threats to self-esteem; and characteristic disturbances in interpersonal relationships, such as feelings of entitlement, interpersonal exploitativeness, relationships that alternate between the extremes of overidealization and devaluation, and lack of empathy.

Fantasies involving unrealistic goals may involve achieving unlimited ability, power, wealth, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love. Although these fantasies frequently substitute for realistic activity, when these goals are actually pursued, it is often with a “driven” pleasureless quality, and an ambition that cannot be satisfied.

Interpersonal exploitativeness , in which others are taken advantage of in order to indulge ones own desires or for self-aggrandizement, is common; and the personal integrity and rights of others are disregarded.

________ One cannot help but think of the ‘Apprentice Show,” and the abusive way in which Trump has disregarded the other candidates for President.

Causes one to wonder…

Peace, Brother James




Does This Fit Trump?

What Young People Need to KNOW

Post #1

There are a great many things a young person needs to KNOW about Life, but from where will they [you] learn such things?

Is the best an adult can do to facilitate such learning… to leave such learning in the hands of teachers?  Question: How many teachers KNOW that there are two basic types of people on Earth, and that one type is very limited in Conscience?

Answer:  Very few teachers are aware that there are two basic types of people on Earth, and that one type is very limited in Conscience… and, by the way, what is Conscience?

The term ‘Conscience’ is one of the Virtues of Life that each human being is slowly acquiring over many, many lifetimes.  Conscience is the internal faculty of being able to distinguish between good and evil.  It is ones ability to discern truth from fiction; and in a person with a substantial amount of Conscience, that person is capable of “hearing” the subtle lies another person is telling, even though others may not hear such lies at all.

Those individuals capable of “hearing” lies are referred to as Enlightened individuals, and an Enlightened individual is someone Within whose Soul a great deal of C’etc has been acquired. The symbol “C’etc” is pronounced “C_etcetera,” and C’etc stands for the Virtues of Life: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance, and Empathetic Understanding. These Virtues are my labels for Conscience. Other people in history have offered other terms as their idea of what the Virtues might be. You can create your own list of Virtues as long as you comprehend what the terms you list mean?

And these Virtues are the result of “Completed Karma,” which is what we Souls are on Earth doing… which is the way we grow and mature over an extended period of time.

The unfortunate fact about what needs to be KNOWN is this:  One’s brain can only acquire information in a linear path, or form of ingesting data.  First this fact, then that fact, one after another in a line of memory.  The problem with this is that  Life is not linear, but is rather simultaneously existing [some of which is sequential, but most of which is overlapping and out of sequence].  If one uses the brain to try and comprehend this, one will be confused.  But very few young people have been “taught” how to use their faculty of Intuition.

For example:  Take war, or the concept of war.  Every major conflict is referred to as a war.  To distinguish between these wars we number them.  WWI, WWII, and currently we are in the a war called WWIII, or the Sixth Trumpet War, and it began in the area of the Euphrates River, in Iraq. Why do I mention this?

Because it is taking place right before our eyes, and yet, hardly anyone knows we are at war. In the future [if there is a future], Man will look back on this present time and refer to what is taking place as part of WWIII.  And yet, very few currently KNOW that they are in a war?

We experience life as a slowly unfolding phenomena that most people do not recognize as separate from the ordinary events of Life… that they mistakenly believe they are in “control” of.  In other words, most people do not recognize the larger picture whose beginning was thousands of years ago, and whose end is rapidly approaching us.  This selective isolating of the whole of Life into snippets we can more easily pretend we are in charge of, is natural, but it is also very misleading.

And also misleading is the fact that most of mankind [in the West] fail to realize that each human being does not have only one lifetime in which to explore the whole of Life, but has as many lifetimes as he/she desires.  Which is the reason we ignore the fact that there are two basic types of people on Earth:  The Intelack type person, and the Enlightened type person.

 And, this is post #1.

Peace, Brother James

What Young People Need to KNOW

What Motivates the Socialist?

We might assume… since the socialist focuses so much energy on ‘things’ being “equal,” that equality is a big issue for the socialist, right?  Well, we would be wrong to assume this, although most people do assume this.  The idea of “equality” is a rationalization for those who are psychologically fixated on the inequality of life.

In other words, the phrase ‘psychologically fixated’ means a person spends a great deal of time worrying about equality… not because he cares about others not being equal [although that is the outward  behavioral focus of the person], but his focus is on equality because he has a deep-seated sense that he is not equal.

So, in point of fact… the person seeking equality for everyone else… is, in actuality, driven to do so by his own psychological sense of not being equal.  His concern for others is, in other words, a projection of his own sense of inequality… but he is not conscious of his own need, but instead is caused by his MIND to focus on making life equal so that he might enjoy what he [unknowingly] believes he is missing.

Now, this sense of being not-equal is psychological… and the term psychological means [taking place Within a person’s MIND, and that person is not aware that he or she has a problem].  But now you know that person has a problem because of what that person thinks about, and seeks to impose on others.

What causes a person to have a sense of being not-equal can be caused by any number of childhood misperceptions, but primarily it would be one or more traumatic events that take place in  a child’s early life. Take for example the child’s parents arguing about not having enough money.  And one parent,or both parents, blame others for having too much [this is Envy].  So, the child “learns” to view life through a lens of envy.

Now why would I say that envy is a problem… and not a valid assessment of the situation?  I say it’s a problem because of the Law of Karma.  The Law of Karma is this:  As you sow, so shall you reap. And this Law is an absolute Law.  In other words, each of us has what we have because we have “earned” what we have… by our actions in the past [and also, we have what we have to “learn” certain lessons in this lifetime].  And I realize that many do not believe in the Law of Karma.

But, to understand the reason a marxist view of life occurs, one must embrace a larger slice of Reality than what is commonly popular.  Of course if one is a student of religion, then one knows about envy, greed, and not understanding that God provides for each Soul precisely what that Soul needs to experience… in order to grow and gain in Enlightenment.

So, another thing that is common with the Marxist, socialist or communist way of thought is that those who think this way are virtually all godless people. That is they are either Atheists, or agnostics.  Or put another way, the level of Enlightenment of the Souls of these people is quite limited.   And lacking an adequate level of Spirituality, they are vulnerable to being operated by their MINDs, and this means vulnerable to greed, envy, and a sense that something is missing Within themselves.

If one gives time to ones love of God, one’s Soul automatically retains a sense of being a part of a higher Reality, and the sense of being not-equal does not arise.

Peace, Brother James


What Motivates the Socialist?

What Makes Trump, Trump?

Let us begin with this illustration:


The symbol “DM=SI” stands for ‘Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity,’ and it is activated by ones MIND to prevent one from discovering the deeply repressed traumata hidden Within ones MIND.  And the traumata are misperceptions taken-on by ones MIND at the time of birth, and then reinforced by what happens to one in early childhood.

Begin with Trump as a small child. He is sent to a boarding school, [military style] to try and discipline him. This is related to his “repressed traumata” on chart above.  Those painful or fearful events of early childhood are held hidden deep Within our MINDs as “repressed traumata,” and this emotional material is non-conscious to us… normally. But traumatic events in our childhood reinforces what our MINDs hold as negative misperceptions.

The phrase: ‘when break occurs…’ in diagram refers to some external thing, person, smell, sound, or event that stimulates the same vibrational identity held hidden [and repressed Within] ones MIND. In Trump’s case, I believe decision to run for President has stimulated his non-conscious fear that what is “wrong” with him will be exposed by the campaign.

There are certain external events that occur that can trigger, or stimulate the repressed traumata, and when it becomes active… although still repressed or non-conscious to us… although we may have a “sense” that something is not quite right with us, what is now active and generating energy Within us,  remains non-conscious to us.

However, on the outside, people develop “traits” or behavior patterns which are used to help “vent” the negative energy being generated by what is being stimulated Within ones MIND.  You see, each emotion has its own specific vibrational identity,  and many things  outside of us can stimulate that vibration, repressed  Within ones MIND… but the event to which that vibration is associated [the core misperception] remains repressed traumata.

In Trump’s case, his being sent to boarding school, caused him to feel rejected, or abandoned by his parents.  His MIND saw it as something was “wrong with him”.  What this specific misperception might be [it’s nature and substance] is discoverable via proper psychotherapy [but the number of psychotherapists today capable of the in-depth “analysis” necessary to unlock that which is deeply repressed Within a person are few in number].

The reason for this is that the delusional notion of “Behaviorism” [an idea of Skinner, which began in the early 1900s], has come to dominate the fields of “psychology” and “mental health”.  It dominates these fields because “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology] does not require a person to undergo his or her own program of intense psychotherapy before being licensed to engage in “psychotherapy”.

This is not unlike a heart surgeon being licensed to perform heart surgery without having to know where or what the Heart is?  Not one in a thousand mental health professionals today know what the MIND is?

And because of this denial of the Esoteric dimensions of Man,  many “mental”  illnesses that plague America today [including PTSD] remain unresolved, ignored, rationalized, and growing worse… because too many in these fields are mistakenly  taught that “there is nothing to “KNOW” Within Man.

This is due to the delusional belief of Skinner in the early 1900s.  Skinner is quoted as saying that *”the notion that somehow or other the child or our past is still contained within us is a form of animism…”  He believed this because he knew nothing about Psychology, and being an Intelack, he unknowingly feared what was repressed Within his own MIND.

* Evans, Richard I. B.F. Skinner: The Man and His Ideas. New York: E.R. Dutton & Co. 1968.

Those who believe that there is nothing the brain cannot  discover, are people I refer to as  Intelack type people… or people confined to the malady of Intellectualism. To the brain and thinking, in other words. These people are often found in the professions of scientists, engineers, educators, and politicians.  That is, people who believe emotionalism is undesirable and frightening, and should be avoided by “serious” people.

For example, when Trump lashes out blaming people for certain things, those observing him might identify his action as angry, upset, or ‘intense’.  But, if asked about this, Trump will deny being angry, upset or troubled in any way… and he will automatically “blame” others for “making” him respond as he does. Obama has this same protective response behavior in that he always blames all errors on others.  Obama intensely fears being wrong, and I suspect Trump suffers from the same fear pattern.

Obviously this is a poor pattern for a Commander in Chief, as demonstrated over and over again by Obama, as America’s enemies have learned Obama is a paper tiger.

You see, we must not evaluate a person based on that person’s economic success… Or business success, as all this takes is greed, ruthlessness, a bit of corruption, and luck.  As proven by a hideously evil person like Soros, if we use money as our guide.

It is in the nature of the narcissist to place self above others, and if we add a fear of being wrong [not winning] to that, we get a person who is capable of doing anything to be correct… even if this means destroying the lives of others to do so.

My point is, if a person is smart enough to fool so many Americans, with promises of doing this, and doing that… never mentioning how this or that is to be accomplished… This should be a clear indication of a dangerous egotism… and isn’t 7+ years of that enough for America?


Brother James


What Makes Trump, Trump?

Bit from new book…

It is possible, in other words, for a person to be in his or her first human incarnation… and although appearing to be fully human, the MIND of that person will have more in common with the animals on Earth than with other human beings. And if the parents of that person do not instill restraints on his or her behavior, thoughts and ways of being… that person can [and very often will] act in ways more like an animal than a human being.
The actions of those raised in the lifestyle of Islam come to mind, and how in many their actions are quite evil and beast-like .

Brother James

Bit from new book…

More about the MIND…

It these two illustrations, I am attempting to explain the difference in the MIND of the Intelack [Unenlightened individual], and the Enlightened individual. And this is based on the fact that there are two basic types of people on Earth:  The Intelack type and the Enlightened type person [or a person whose Soul has acquired Wisdom].

The difference is due to one’s level of Consciousness, or the level of C’etc contained Within one’s Soul.  And the symbol ‘C’etc’ stands for the Virtues of Life: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.

Let us look at the normal human being [on the left] who has not acquired much C’etc as yet [have you read about C’etc yet?].

In the left illustration, the invisible MIND operates & controls the physical brain by feeding Delusional Thinking to the brain via a process I refer to as DM=SI [Delusional Thinking equals Subtle Insanity].

The unenlightened person is the typical intellectual [who avoids emotion, and “thinks” emotion is a bad thing]. Fact: Emotional Energy is the energy of the MIND, and is used to create everything Man creates. So, the MIND is not bad, since we can’t operate without it. It is the uncontrolled MIND that is a burden to Man, and creates the attachments which keep us tied to this Earth plane.  These attachments are called Karma.

Explained in the Bible [but not in a way that is comprehendible] are subtle allusions to how the negative desires of the MIND must be resisted. And it is suggested that the best way to do this is to continually focus on the Spirit Within oneself. Spirit refers to the Spiritual Energy of ones Soul, which is entirely invisible on this plane of existence… so we are given a “holy” concept of Christ [as the Son of God for Christians]  to focus our attention upon.  Other religions, or Spiritual Paths have their own concepts [or Spiritual entities] they provide to focus the attention of Man.

As long as one routinely focuses attention upon God [via certain God-realized entities], one retains a certain level of Consciousness that has power to do battle with the negative desires of the MIND.  Only the Spirit in Man has the ability to resist the MIND, in other words.

So, the Atheist, Agnostic, or religious person who has drifted away from his or her religion spends more time “thinking” D-Think than in worshiping the concept of God.  And this simply means one opens oneself to the control of ones MIND.  And this is precisely the reason religions insist upon Man giving time to the worship of God.  Needless to say… if it is not God, or the Spirit of God that one is worshiping… then one is giving oneself over to ones MIND… and this is blasphemy.  Didn’t know this, did you?  Very few people realize this.

Life literally is a case of constant either-or.  One is thinking about God, or one is inviting ones MIND to do its mischief.

Peace, Brother James


More about the MIND…

The Intellect vs One’s Intuition

The process of Life involves two things:  One is intellectual, and the other is Intuitive.

One’s MIND causes ones brain to search for that which ones brain cannot perceive, while ones Soul uses Intuition to awaken to that which neither one’s brain, nor one’s MIND, can perceive.  The result of this perfectly natural process is called Enlightenment.

To possess  Intuition is a measure of one’s faculty of Intuition, which is a measure of ones level of Enlightenment, the awareness of which is not cognitively comprehendible, discernible, nor discoverable… although, to an Enlightened individual, such possession is obvious, and one’s faculty of Intuition can communicate one’s Enlightenment, via Empathetic Understanding, to the faculty of Intuition of another… who is Enlightened.

This is, or course, maddening to the person whose life is confined to the Malady of Intellectualism, which means … one is limited to use of one’s brain in the pursuit of the understanding of Life. This causes one’s MIND to feed Delusional Thinking to the Left Hemisphere of ones brain that causes one to ‘think’ that, since one uses ones brain so extensively, one must be superior to that person who speaks of things one’s brain cannot perceive.  And one’s MIND then protects one’s self-view by feeding Delusional Thinking [or D-Think] to one’s brain that causes one to think [that the person who insists he can KNOW things the Intelack type person cannot “know”], must be insane, deluded, or just lying.  For example, Christ was crucified. And Saints throughout history have been torn apart by elephants, boiled in oil, burned alive, and so forth… by Intelack people whose fear of the unknown causes them to kill those who knew what they were unable to KNOW.  Nothing much has changed, has it?

And, since the majority of the population of the world [particularly in the West] are Intelack type individuals [who are not Enlightened enough to possess Intuition], the direction of the world, over time, and driven by Intelack type people…is toward isolating the Enlightened people, shunning them, perhaps brutalizing them; [the Quran insists such people must be beheaded], and this results in a gradual lowering of Enlightenment in the world.  If not actively fought against by Enlightened individuals, this activity of the Intelack type people results in what the Bible refers to as the “end time,” and what Eastern Mystics refer to as the Iron Age of Man;  both of which mankind is experiencing now.

And this cycle repeats itself, over and over again, and has done so for eons, or such a long time that none hazard a guess as to how long it has been occurring?

Peace, Brother James


The Intellect vs One’s Intuition