Bible Verses & Deeper Meanings

First Corinthians 2:14

“The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are Spiritually discerned.”

_______ Like so much of the Bible, these words are easily read, and the brain of Man tends to “think” that it understands what the words mean. The problem is… the words in the Bible, not unlike the words we use everyday, mostly point to, and stand for the things of this Earth.  The things of Mammon, in other words.

And the Bible, as a whole, is continually referring to, and attempting to explain that which is Spiritual, which means Esoteric, which is a term that specifically was coined [or invented] to point to things which are NOT capable of being perceived by the brain.    For example, take the term ‘Soul’.  Although most people “think” they know what the term Soul means… the fact is, the only person who has ever seen a Soul would be a God-realized Soul [or in a strict sense, a Saint or Perfect Master, like Christ, the Son of God].  The only way to “see” one’s Soul is to actually go Within one’s “Self” [ones Spiritual dimension],  and, via deep meditation, arise to the level where one awakens to the  Energy of ones Soul. And, I am not talking about the bright light of the Astral region, which some people have seen during surgery.

The mystics tell us that the light of the Soul is a thousand times brighter than the light of the Astral region [the first non-physical dimension Within Man].

We commonly think of that which is invisible, but our MINDs feed Delusional Thinking [or D-Think] to the Left-Hemisphere of our brains, that causes us to quickly shift to other thoughts about the things of this Earth — to divert our attention from that which  must be “Spiritually discerned.”  So, although many people think they “know” what the Bible is talking about… they are quite often mistaken.  Take for example, the words: “The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God…”

How does anyone, using the brain, “accept the things of the Spirit of God“? When, by definition, the Spirit of God is composed of Energy that is Spiritual in nature, and the term “Spiritual” means Esoteric [which means that it is  ‘invisible’ to our brains and physical senses]. The question we must ask ourselves is how does one, therefore, get in touch with that which is Spiritual?   If… it cannot be done via ones brain, intellect, or thinking?  And the answer is to use ones faculty of Intuition.

In the Bible, this is spoken of as “being carried away in the Spirit”.  Or by “going to some hill top,”  where some spectacular vision was seen.  In the days in which the Bible was written, it would be unlikely that the phrase “Astral travel” was known by the “natural person” or the common people listening to Christ.  And yet, the American Indian, at least the elders of several tribes, engaged in Astral travel frequently.  It is seldom mentioned, but these individuals were Spiritually advanced Souls, and this is what enabled them to fast, meditate, and take their Souls Within themselves to awaken to future events.

To me, this makes perfect sense.  But then, I have been studying the mystical nature of Man for the last 43 years.  I have also been meditating for the same period of time, and over time, I have learned a few things that are not taught in books.  We will speak more about this in the next blog.

Peace, Brother James

Bible Verses & Deeper Meanings

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